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How Eastern Medicine Therapy Can Help Addiction Recovery

man wonders how Eastern medicine therapy can help addiction recovery

When people search for addiction treatment, they have a lot of options. In most cases, however, these options fit into Eastern or Western medicine. While most of them are familiar with Western medicine, they often know very little about Eastern medicine. Let’s take a look at how Eastern medicine therapy can help addiction recovery.

What’s the Difference Between Eastern and Western Medicine?

man wonders how Eastern medicine therapy can help addiction recoveryTo fully understand how Eastern medicine can help during addiction recovery, people need to understand it. Western medicine focuses on science and curing illnesses within the human body. Experts date the roots of Western medicine to ancient Egypt and Greece. It eventually gave rise to many synthetic drugs and new diagnostic instruments.

While Western medicine focuses on chemicals and human-made substances, Eastern medicine therapy takes a different approach. It emerged nearly 5,000 years ago when herbalists found that fruits, plants, and vegetables could heal the body.

Eastern medicine focuses much more on natural healing and prevention. It aims to provide the body with the tools that it needs to heal itself. Most doctors agree that Eastern medicine alone isn’t always the right choice. With that said, most agree that Eastern medicine is an excellent compliment to Western medicine.

How Eastern Medicine Therapy Can Help Addiction Recovery

Eastern medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to addiction treatment. In fact, it plays a significant role during the detox process. Since detox is the foundation of successful rehab, it stands to reason that Eastern medicine is pretty essential.

First and foremost, these practices focus a lot on reducing stress in the body. Stress is one of the biggest enemies for people who struggle with addiction. When it builds up too much, they look for relief. Those who struggle with addiction find solace in the form of drug use.

Eastern medicine teaches them positive coping skills to decrease stress naturally. Some of these methods include:

Many of these therapies also help people with pain management. It’s common for people in drug detox to experience pain. However, they can’t always use medications because of their addictions. So if you ask how Eastern medicine therapy can help addiction recovery, consider the natural pain relief it provides.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s a good idea to find a detox center that offers both treatment options. Traditional treatment methods such as individual and group therapy still have a role to play in addiction treatment. Holistic services help people relax so that they can focus and heal.

Spring Gardens Offers the Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to finding a detox center that you can count on, Spring Gardens is an excellent choice. We offer a wide range of addiction therapies that focus on both Eastern and Western methods. We’ll use these two types of treatment to create a unique treatment plan for you. Some of the programs and detox services that we provide for addiction recovery include:

At Spring Gardens, we know that relapse is a big concern for anyone with an addiction. That’s why we teach you coping skills that help you prevent relapse. Our relapse prevention program focuses on providing the knowledge that you need to make informed decisions after treatment.

Learn more about how Eastern medicine therapy can help addiction recovery. Find out how a mix of both Eastern and Western medicine can aid your recovery efforts. Reach out to Spring Gardens today at (866) 244-9556 for more information.

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