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Cocaine Detox

What hooks most people on cocaine is the rush of euphoria they experience when using the first few times. However, after a while, the euphoria diminishes, and paranoia, irritability, and anxiety creep in. This happens shortly after the first experience with cocaine. The crash experience comes on soon and strong. For some, an emergency room visit because of an overdose is the reason to check into a cocaine detox program. For others, it’s the warning that their heart health is suffering while others grow tired of the cycle of addiction.

Quitting is The Only Way to Stop Your Addiction

Young woman on bed experiencing stomach issues going through cocaine detox

It sounds redundant, doesn’t it? In truth, many try to cut down on their drug abuse before admitting that there could be a problem. They limit the amount or the times of day they use or use other drugs or alcohol to offset cocaine use. Of course, doing so doesn’t work because the cravings and the chase for the euphoric high have you ultimately increasing the dose. Stopping the use of the drug altogether really is your only option.

A cocaine detox program can help you to do just that. A program that offers the soothing services at Spring Gardens Recovery can take you beyond your addiction to healing. You might worry about withdrawal symptoms. On the one hand, there’s good news. Unlike alcohol, for example, cocaine withdrawal doesn’t have as many potentially life-threatening symptoms.

On the other hand, the cravings and the few symptoms you do experience indeed pack a psychological punch. Examples include the intrusion of unwanted thoughts as well as the possibility of a deep depression. There is a seizure risk as well as other potential side effects that depend on your overall drug use. For example, if you’ve been using cocaine along with heroin or alcohol, these substances will also present with their own, specific withdrawal symptoms.

What Does Cocaine Detox Look Like?

During the intake process, a therapist works with you to get an accurate understanding of your cocaine drug use. This procedure ensures that the medical professionals who help you know what exactly what types of withdrawal symptoms to look for. Information that affects your treatment includes the duration of your cocaine use and how often, and how much you used.

How you administered the drug also comes into play. If you know about the potency of the substance, provide it to the therapist. You’ll also need to answer questions about your overall physical and mental health. The goal is to ensure that you receive a thorough cocaine detox treatment, which anticipates signs of withdrawal, so you don’t feel too much discomfort.

Experts may rely on modalities such as:

  • Medical detox withdrawal to reduce discomfort
  • Holistic treatments including Yoga classes and massage therapy enhance wellbeing
  • Sauna therapy counteracts muscle tension
  • Nutritional support from a professional chef who prepares meals that promote healing
  • Opportunities for rest and relaxation that offset stress and cravings

Hypnotherapy During Cocaine Detox

The use of hypnotherapy during cocaine detox is a treatment option that shows great promise. It helps with the implementation of relapse prevention strategies. The goal is to support your decision to quit using the drug. During hypnotherapy, a therapist assists you with regaining control over unwanted thoughts and feelings. He or she may also encourage other positive thoughts at this time.

This process can enable you to deal with anxiety or intense drug cravings. In short, you don’t have to continue using simply because–right now–you don’t see a way out. Rather, reach out for help to the compassionate and knowledgeable experts at Spring Gardens Recovery. A quick call to (866) 244-9556 puts you on the road to recovery.

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