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Telehealth Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Telehealth Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Florida

Telehealth Outpatient Addiction Treatment or Virtual Addiction Treatment is also offered at Spring Gardens Recovery for all Residents of Florida. Whether you are near our location in Tampa Florida or Clearwater to even Miami and the Keys, Spring Gardens Recovery can virtually help you get on the path to recovery.

Our telehealth addiction treatment provides the same services as our in-person Outpatient Program. The difference between our in-person outpatient and our virtual telehealth outpatient is that you can do so remotely from anywhere as long as you are a resident of Florida.

Through Spring Gardens Recovery Telehealth Virtual Outpatient, individuals suffering from substance or alcohol abuse will have the opportunity to continue to live their lives no matter where they are and be able to attend both group and individual sessions. Our sessions help guide individuals through the various stages of recovery. 

For those near our location you can participate in a hybrid program which allows you to take part in person when you are able and then telehealth when traveling.

Virtual IOP Counseling Options

Through individualized clinical recommendations during our initial assessments, individuals will be placed in a customize plan of services best suited for their recovery.

Participants of our Telehealth Outpatient Program can expect to participate in the following services:

  • Virtual Group Therapy
  • Virtual Individual Therapy
  • Virtual Family Therapy & Support
  • Case Management Services
  • Urinary Analysis (once/week) – This can be completed at a location nearest you.

Virtual Group Therapy via Telehealth

During our virtual group therapy, a small group typically comprised of less than eight people meets with a trained counselor to benefit from an open discussion and support from the other members who are experiencing similar and relatable issues.

Recovery doesn’t happen alone, it takes a team and a tribe.

Spring Gardens’ Virtual Group Therapy aims to cultivate meaningful connections and a supportive community online. Participants engage in a judgment-free space, designed to encourage sharing experiences and drawing from the collective wisdom of the group to navigate personal challenges.

In this virtual environment, you’ll witness diverse problem-solving strategies and have the opportunity to refine your own coping skills within a secure and supportive setting.

Virtual Individual Therapy

Engaging in private sessions with a certified psychologist is a cornerstone of our telehealth rehabilitation program.

These one-on-one interactions provide a deeper insight into past traumas and triggers that have contributed to your addiction. You’ll gain invaluable skills to reframe your thinking patterns and transform your behavioral responses.

Telehealth Family Therapy/Support

Our virtual family therapy sessions are customized to:

  • Enhance family members’ comprehension of addiction, both broadly and in the context of your personal experience.
  • Foster healthier relationships with key family members, who will become integral to your journey to recovery.
  • Establish a supportive home environment that positively influences each member’s external life, leading to greater fulfillment and life satisfaction.

Virtual Case Management Services

Our case managers are dedicated to ensuring you have seamless access to necessary services, facilitating ongoing treatment, evaluating your progress, and advocating on your behalf.

Remote Urinary Analysis Monitoring

Regular urinary analysis checks are conducted remotely to ensure compliance with the treatment program, reinforcing accountability throughout your recovery journey. This can be completed at a facility near you as opposed to in-person at Spring Gardens.

Benefits of Virtual Outpatient Addiction Treatment

  • Flexibility: Our telehealth services allow you to receive treatment while fulfilling daily responsibilities like work, education, and family care.
  • Continuity of Care: For those transitioning from intensive inpatient treatment, our virtual outpatient program offers a fluid reintegration into everyday life.
  • Restoration of Relationships: The program provides the opportunity to mend and strengthen bonds with loved ones affected by addiction.
  • Sustained Recovery: Continue to honor your sobriety commitments, while addressing the underlying causes of addiction, all within the framework of our supportive virtual community.

Outpatient Telehealth Program for Addiction in Florida

Our telehealth addiction programs are specifically designed for those in recovery or dealing with mild-to-moderate substance abuse issues. The virtual therapies and case management services reinforce a steadfast dedication to a sober, fulfilling life.

Should you or someone close to you be struggling with substance abuse, reach out to us at (866) 244-9556 for compassionate assistance. We’re committed to providing help and hope, every step of the way.

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