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Understanding the Medical Detox Program Process

Every successful recovery begins at the detoxification phase. The detox process breaks your physical addiction to a substance. Rather than trying to white-knuckle it by yourself, get the help you need from experts in the field. A medical detox program is not only safer, but it also boosts your comfort level during this critical time.

Why Detoxing Cold Turkey at Home Rarely Succeeds

couple after Medical Detox ProgramAddiction is a progressive disease that puts taking the substance above all other priorities. If you could just quit whenever you felt like it, you probably would’ve already done so. However, drug and alcohol cravings are so intense that they’ll likely overpower you within a day. As a result, there are plenty of individuals who’ve tried to detox at home and failed.

Others lose resolve as soon as the withdrawal symptoms become uncomfortable. Alcohol, opiates, street drugs, and prescription medications can create painful withdrawal processes. In a medical detox program setting, specialists are on hand to keep you comfortable and process-focused. They continue to monitor your progress to ensure that you remain healthy as toxins leave the body.

How a Medical Detox Program Works

Intake is the first step of the medical detox program process. A counselor will ask about your medical history, current health status, and any concerns you have. Next, this professional will ask about your drug (or drugs) of choice and your typical dosage. From there, it’s possible to put together a personalized treatment plan.

Since some drugs have dangerous and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, experts monitor your vitals closely. Examples of these problems include seizures, breathing difficulties, psychological symptoms, and, in the case of alcohol, delirium tremens. While you may not experience any of these particular withdrawal symptoms, you definitely want medical professionals on standby who can assist if you do.

About Spring Gardens Recovery

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we prepare clients for a lifetime of overall wellness. Beneficial treatment options include:

After detox, it’s vital to continue your recovery. Our residential program allows our guests to remain at the facility as they continue their journey. For those who lack the time, we provide a two-week stabilization program to keep them on the right track. 

Starting Your Recovery Process Today

Whether you need an opiate detox or require detox services for alcohol, benzos, street drugs, or anything else, Spring Gardens Recovery can help. You don’t have to let addiction control your life any longer. In fact, support is available today. Simply reach out by dialing (866) 244-9556 right now!

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