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Outpatient Services

Addiction Outpatient Services at H.O.P.E Gardens Recovery

Not everyone takes the same path to addiction recovery. Some people have varying situations and circumstances, which is why Spring Gardens Recovery offers multiple levels of care. While an inpatient drug rehab program certainly has many benefits, it may not be a viable option for some individuals. For these people, we offer our H.O.P.E Gardens addiction outpatient services program located in Pasco County, Florida.

In the H.O.P.E Gardens Recovery program, individuals can engage in three levels of addiction outpatient services in an outpatient setting. These programs were developed to meet the needs of the individual in recovery.

We understand that in-person meetings may be difficult, that is why H.O.P.E offers both in-person and virtual based sessions.  The duration and frequency of programs will depend on which level of outpatient an individual is placed in.

virtual outpatient program optionsAll of our H.O.P.E treatment programs include:

Structure and Increased Independence in Outpatient Services

While outpatient clients do not have 24/7 support as they would in residential treatment, they do benefit from increased independence and structure of the H.O.P.E program. For this reason, our clinical team usually recommends our potentials enroll in outpatient programs after completing a residential treatment program. We do our best to guide prospective clients to the appropriate treatment program that fits best for their personal and professional needs.

addiction outpatient services

If you are struggling with severe substance abuse or are trying to recover for the first time, our inpatient programs may be better suited. However, if you have completed previous treatment(s) with Spring Gardens Recovery or another addiction treatment provider and need ongoing support or suffer from mild to moderate addiction, our outpatient levels of care are a perfect option for you.

Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders in an Outpatient Setting

The clinical staff of the H.O.P.E program is trained to recognize the existence of possible co-occurring disorders (also referred to as Dual Diagnosis). We understand that treating these co-occurring issues is essential in effectively developing a foundation for an individual’s successful recovery. Too often those living with dual diagnosis only receive treatments for one of their ailments. This is why our outpatient addiction treatment programs are set up to include therapies for dual diagnosis treatment.

Family Involvement

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we understand the importance of family in helping individuals obtain long-lasting recovery. Addiction is something that affects the entire family. While individual therapies help the person struggling with addiction, family therapy helps the entire family.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Family ProgramIt’s common for family members to experience anxiety, anger, concern, and frustration for their family members which is why we encourage family involvement in our H.O.P.E outpatient programs. Family involvement in addiction treatment helps to facilitate effective healing not only for the individual suffering from substance abuse but also for the support system around them.

The primary therapist will schedule family sessions throughout the duration of an individual’s treatment. We also offer groups specifically for the loved ones of the person in recovery.

Levels of Outpatient Services at Spring Gardens Recovery

There are three levels of care for outpatient services at Spring Gardens Recovery. Our clinicians will help to determine which level of care is most appropriate for an individual based on their clinical assessment.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Spring Gardens Recovery

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Spring Gardens Recovery was developed for those who need a more in-depth level of care while still offering the flexibility and independence to maintain their professional, family, and personal obligations.

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Outpatient Program (OP)

The Outpatient Program at Spring Gardens Recovery is ideal as a step down from higher levels of care or for those who suffer from mild to moderate addiction issues. Our addiction outpatient program includes up to 8 hours of treatment services each week including a number of therapies and support services.

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Aftercare Program

This integrative aftercare maintenance program was created to help individuals slowly step out of structured addiction treatment while still maintaining accountability. Aftercare planning and programming is an essential component of addiction treatment and lasting recovery.

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