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Cupping Therapy

Detoxing is one of three essential steps in every addiction rehab program. Beyond medical detox, there aren’t many different detox methods in the West. Thankfully, eastern medicine has some holistic detoxing methods that can speed up the process. One example is cupping therapy.

evidence of CuppingWhat Is Cupping Therapy?

It’s important for people to understand cupping therapy or cupping before they look for this treatment. It’s an ancient alternative medicine that’s over 3,000 years old. Studies show that the ancient Egyptians used cupping.

How does cupping work? As the name suggests, it starts with therapists putting individual cups on people’s skin. They leave the cups on for a few minutes while they create suction.

How Do Therapists Create Suction?

There are a few ways that therapists create suction on the skin using cups. For example, fire cupping involves the use of fire. Applying fire to the cups lets the air heat and the cups contract and suction.

Dry cupping is another method. It requires creating an area of low air pressure around the skin. Believe it or not, therapists can use many tools to achieve this. For example, some cups feature a vacuum pump that sucks out the air.

Wet cupping is another method, but most places in the West don’t use it. Some places even refer to it as medical bleeding. During this cupping method, therapists make a small cut in the skin. Then, they create local suction on the incision using cups, which makes the area bleed.

Does Cupping Work?

There aren’t many studies on cupping to prove or disprove that it’s an effective treatment. In 2015, however, a study in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine showed the therapy has some benefits. It found that cupping helps with problems such as pain management, acne, and shingles.

How does cupping help during treatment, though? Proper detox services typically include some pain management treatment. Natural pain management is a big part of detox since pain is a common symptom. Rather than taking drugs, those in drug detox can use cupping as a natural pain remedy.

Are There Any Side Effects to Cupping?

Cupping has very few side effects, but bruising is the most common. Some people experience mild discomfort, but it goes away when the cupping session ends.

Burns are typically only a problem during fire cupping. The burns don’t usually leave any marks but can cause some discomfort until they heal. People can typically avoid this type of discomfort if they choose a different form of cupping.

In some rare cases, cupping can cause skin infections. They can develop from damaged skin. However, they only occur if people don’t keep their skin clean after cupping. Therapists can explain to people how to take care of their skin to avoid infections.

Let Spring Gardens Recovery Help You Detox From Drugs the Right Way

Spring Gardens Recovery is a treatment center in Florida. We also offer addiction therapies to help people detox from drugs naturally. In fact, our team uses Eastern medicine therapy options during our treatment programs. We aim to help our clients reduce stress and focus on detox.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we pride ourselves on the number of unique services that we offer. Most facilities only focus on medical detox. We offer so much more, including:

Find out more about cupping therapy at Spring Gardens Recovery. Learn how our therapies can set you up for a positive rehab experience. Reach out to our friendly staff at (866) 244-9556 for more information.

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