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Moxa Treatments

Most experts agree that mixing Western and Eastern medical practices is a great strategy for drug treatment. While most people know about Western medicine such as psychotherapy, they aren’t as familiar with Eastern medicine. For instance, they might know about meditation and yoga. However, moxa treatments are a method by which most people have never heard.

evidence of Moxa TreatmentWhat Are Moxa Treatments?

Also referred to as moxibustion, this treatment is an Eastern medical practice that started in China. Over time, it eventually made its way through other Asian countries such as Japan. This specific type of treatment is very similar to acupuncture in that it focuses on key points on the body to promote healing.

During moxibustion, experts burn small cones of dried leaves. The idea is that heating or burning leaves at these specific points will increase circulation to relieve pain. In some cases, experts even use moxibustion and acupuncture together.

Acupuncture and moxa treatments focus on many of the same areas. Therapists can’t use acupuncture in some areas of the body, though. For example, experts recommend moxibustion around the eyes and large blood vessels instead of acupuncture.

The reason is that acupuncture uses needles to puncture the skin and trigger specific nerves. This practice is more dangerous around the eyes than moxibustion.

What Happens During Moxibustion?

With a better understanding of moxibustion, how does an actual treatment session work? In general, experts place crushed herbs into a special paper. Then, they light one end of the particular paper and hold it just above the skin.

They remove the paper before overheating occurs. Some of the common herbs that they use include:

  • Aconite plants
  • Mugwort
  • Ginger
  • Mulberry
  • Garlic

The herbs that the experts use depend on the symptoms that their clients experience. For example, they use ginger for people who suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. They might use garlic for those who have respiratory problems.

Moxa treatments can also relieve pain much in the same way that acupuncture does. It targets nerves in the body that release dopamine in the brain. This chemical acts as a natural pain reliever. It’s the key to helping people with drug abuse problems healthily overcome pain.

Moxibustion Alone Isn’t Enough

When people undergo treatment, moxibustion isn’t enough alone. In fact, no holistic treatment is sufficient on its own to help people overcome drug abuse. That’s why it’s so important for people to seek professional help.

The best drug treatment center will focus on relapse prevention services as well. These programs not only help people during detox but also prepare them for drug rehab. While detox is the first step in rehabilitation, it’s not the only step. People also have to seek professional help from a rehab center, like Spring Gardens Recovery.

Count on Spring Gardens Recovery to Help You

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we work hard to provide you with drug addiction programs and detox services, like moxa treatments, that you can count on. We offer both traditional and holistic options such as Eastern medicine therapy. Our goal is to use these treatments to provide a unique experience. Some of the programs that we offer include:

Beyond addiction therapies, we offer relapse prevention services. Preventing relapse after treatment is just as necessary as overcoming drug withdrawal symptoms. Our program focuses on teaching you coping skills. We believe that these techniques can help you during detox and throughout the rest of your life.

Don’t try to deal with drug addiction alone. Learn more about how moxa treatments can help you during recovery. Call our Spring Gardens Recovery professionals at (866) 244-9556 for more information.

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