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Benzo Detox

Benzodiazepines, benzos, is a prescribed drug in high-demand that causes anxiety reduction, prevention of panic disorders and better quality sleep. However, these drugs have a dark side. Benzos are highly addictive and lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Under medical supervision, benzo detox lessens your withdrawal symptoms and ensures a safe environment as you progress to sobriety.

About Benzo Detox

Benzo Detox Recovery GuideWhen struggling with Benzos addiction, you also encounter the opposite effects of what the drug provides. In other words, instead of reducing your anxiety, you experience a surge of stress from withdrawal.

These effects and others make benzo detox challenging to complete. Many individuals fail to seek out addiction experts and attempt to detox on their own, which is a recipe for failure. In that case, symptoms become too severe that many users regress and relapse.

Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin are among the most popular benzo drugs and often reserved for short-term use. When an individual relapses and takes their usual dose, these drugs can be very harmful.

Going into a supervised benzo detox program is the best idea for keeping your recovery safe, comfortable and supportive through withdrawal. Under medical supervision, medications are given to ease you during unfavorable withdrawal symptoms.

With this support and care, you break free of your benzo addiction more quickly and efficiently than trying it on your own. Following proper treatment, you gain a future without drugs with a promising future.

6 Things to Know About Benzo Withdrawal

Besides withdrawal symptoms, there are other things most people don’t know about benzo detox. Six things you don’t know about benzo withdrawal include:

1. Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

Benzo withdrawal is longer than most other drugs. It doesn’t take place over seven to ten days, unlike most other addictive drugs. Instead, benzo withdrawal demands months or even years. This varies according to the type of benzo and your personal health history.
Xanax is one benzo widely used recreationally. It is short acting and has a short withdrawal of about seven days. Valium is long-acting and causes withdrawal symptoms for about 90 days.

2. Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

Common benzo withdrawal symptoms include moderate to severe depression, extreme anxiety, sensory hypersensitivity, poor memory, irregular heartbeat, sweating and muscle twitching. Depression, anxiety, and heart palpitations are the most dangerous of these symptoms.

3. Why You Should Never Go Cold Turkey on Benzos

Immediately stopping benzos causes extreme anxiety, panic, and depression. Withdrawal seizures are also common when the drug is abruptly stopped. This is why you need the help of addiction professionals when ending your benzo addiction.

4. Slow-Tapering Detox May Work Best

Doctors or addiction specialists sometimes taper people off the drug slowly. This enables detox while avoiding the most dramatic and dangerous detox symptoms. During this type of detox, you are closely observed for health problems and kept safe, just like any other medical detox process.

5. Some Medications Complicate Benzo Withdrawal

There are some medications that make benzo withdrawal worse. These include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics and other medications functioning on the brain’s GABA receptors. Not to mention, some vitamins make benzo withdrawal worse, such as vitamins D, B, and magnesium.

6. Foods to Avoid

Some food substances, such as caffeine, artificial sugars, alcohol, additives, honey and monosodium glutamate (MSG) make a withdrawal from benzos worse.

A Lasting Recovery Awaits at Spring Gardens Recovery

Benzo withdrawal is never easy. Although, with the proper guidance from a trained medical staff, you can reach a lasting recovery. At Spring Gardens Recovery Tampa, FL, we provide clients with luxurious detox services as well as addiction recovery programs that include a two-week stabilization program as well as a residential program.

Our Florida detox facility delivers unique addiction treatment therapies and amenities that include:

  • Individual and group treatment for holistic wellness
  • Amino acid and pediment IV infusions
  • Yoga therapy and meditation therapy with a registered Shaman
  • Private TV, lounges, sauna and patio areas
  • Professional chefs, housekeeping, and techs on duty 24/7

The future you want begins in comfort and tranquility at Spring Gardens Recovery. For your detox from benzos, call Spring Gardens Recovery now at (866) 244-9556.

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