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Non 12 Step Rehab

When it comes to treatment programs for recovery, there are two major categories; 12 step and non 12 step rehab. While 12 step is ideal for those who believe in a “higher power,” a 12 step alternative is best for those who want a different approach. For those who don’t want a spiritual or faith-based program, these alternatives can help them achieve their goals.

woman talking with doctor in non 12 step rehabWhat is the 12 Step Approach?

When the 12 step program came about, they had a focus on not only finding recovery, but finding God. Each step works to help an individual break the cycle of addiction and find their way back to God or their higher power of choice. These steps are so helpful that other significant organizations for addiction use them for their own programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous.

While each step helps an individual become closer to recovery, their primary purpose is to help them grow closer to God or their higher power. Those who have serious religious beliefs find these steps comforting, others who don’t share these beliefs may find the steps uncomfortable.

The Need for a 12 Step Alternative

While these steps are helpful, a 12 step program can be uncomfortable for some. If an individual chooses not to have a firm reliance on religion, these programs can feel like an attack instead of helpful. A 12 step alternative or non 12 step rehab provides new outlooks and approaches to recovery in a way that is welcoming and inclusive.

If guests fail to feel comfortable and confident during their treatment program, their chances for relapse will increase. Providing alternatives to treatment instead of sticking to one plan means helping more individuals reach lasting recovery.

The Difference in Programs

So what makes an alternative program different from traditional 12 step? Perspective. A standard 12 step program looks only at the addiction. During treatment, conventional talk therapies work to help guests reach recovery through rebuilding their relationship with God or their higher power.

With a 12 step alternative, new and different perspectives use different therapies and holistic modalities to help guests reach their goals. While some of these therapies still pull from 12 step programs, others approach recovery from a different direction. A holistic approach means looking at each guest as a whole unit instead of just their addiction.

Choosing Spring Gardens Recovery as your Non 12 Step Rehab

The programs and therapies available at Spring Gardens Recovery work to help each and every guest reach recovery. We provide three primary programs which are detox, stabilization, and residential. Detox allows guests to enable the substances to leave their system safely.

Our two-week stabilization program includes an assessment to create an effective treatment plan. The 30-day residential program lets guests remove themselves from the stresses and triggers of everyday life to focus on their treatment and recovery.
Our holistic therapies include:

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Beginning with Spring Gardens Recovery

Using our holistic approach to treatment, Spring Gardens Recovery is happy to provide a non 12 step rehab for our guests. Our staff wants each guest to feel comfortable in a judgment-free space. To learn more about Spring Gardens Recovery and how we can help you reach your goals through a 12 step alternative, reach out today. Contact us by calling (866) 244-9556 now and learn about your options for treatment.
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