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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

People with substance abuse problems miss up to 8.3 times more workdays than others, according to recent studies. This means American companies lose the productivity of more than $120 billion per year. Furthermore, substance abuse causes almost half of industrial workplace deaths each year. All of these are reasons why many companies offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Through your employee assistance program, Florida detox is a real option.

Happy young guy using his employee assistance program Florida for help with detoxDrug and alcohol addiction costs companies money when employees suffer lower work performance. This is why EAP programs began. Through an employee assistance program, Florida detox is made easier and jobs are kept intact. More and more people are using their EAP for the confidential help they need without losing their long-term income or career.

The benefits of an EAP for employees with addiction problems are obvious. You gain freedom from addiction, keep your job, maintain confidentiality and improve your work performance for your employer when an addiction treatment program is completed. Your employer benefits, as well. EAP programs provide companies and employees benefits that include:

  • Employee education and training
  • Employee record confidentiality
  • Addiction counseling
  • Addiction treatment assistance

What is an EAP and How Does it Work?

Addiction causes so many problems in the workplace and for employee productivity that companies needed a solution for these employee problems. An EAP helps employees deal with addiction and other personal problems affecting work performance. Although it can be scary to talk to someone in your office about your addiction, your EAP manager or an outside representative, along with the program itself help you keep your job. Sometimes supervisors refer employees with obvious problems to the EAP for the help they need.

Employee assistance programs provide confidential benefits that help you while reducing the employer’s business operations costs. After all, it costs a great deal to recruit, hire and train someone for your job. Your employer is better served by helping you gain wellness so you can keep the job in which you have education, experience, and accomplishment.

If you need to take leave from work because of your alcohol addiction or drug problem, you should start the process with your employer’s EAP. If your company has an employee assistance program, you can simply ask your supervisor for a referral. The EAP representative will conduct an EAP assessment to develop a treatment plan with you. This treatment plan identifies your needs and sets goals for meeting those needs.

Protections Under the Employee Assistance Program for Florida Detox Centers

There are protections provided under your EAP and federal laws that make employee assistance programs at Florida detox centers a reality for people just like you. The first protection is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This act prohibits your employer from discriminating against you due to your medical condition of alcohol addiction. The ADA protects you from being fired when asking for help from an addiction.

Although drug addiction is not yet fully covered under the protections of the ADA, you are safe in most scenarios using the EAP for the same purposes of employee assistance program Florida detox. Your EAP program manager will guide you through its coverage and ADA protections.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) laws enable employees to take a leave of absence for treatment of a medical condition that prevents them from working. The FMLA’s protections cover both alcohol and drug addiction treatment. You do not risk losing your job under the FMLA, as long as detox is deemed medically necessary.

FMLA permits up to 12 weeks of leave in a year. This leave is in consecutive days, intervals or as part of a modified work schedule, such as for outpatient treatment or support group scheduling.

Confidential EAP Discussions

EAP representatives maintain confidentiality. They cannot discuss your health needs with anyone at your workplace. This means you are safe to gain the treatment you need.

Choose the Right Florida Detox Center Through Your EAP

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida provides detox services including:

  • Individual and group treatment for complete wellness
  • Seven to 10-day detox programs
  • Fully licensed, professional staff
  • Upscale amenities in a tranquil, secluded setting
  • Amino acid and pediment IV infusions
  • Yoga classes
  • Guided meditation with a registered Shaman

The idea of exposing your need for detox in Florida can be scary. If you need addiction help, seek a better understanding of how your EAP can help you get there. Call Spring Gardens Recovery at (866) 244-9556 now. Through your confidential employee assistance program, Florida detox can be a reality, without hurting your career.

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