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How Detox Effectively Combats Alcohol Addiction

Woman Struggling With Alcohol AddictionAlcohol withdrawal can be a dangerous process for many individuals. Without seeking medical help, withdrawal complications could cause permanent damage to their physical or mental health. In some cases, the process can even be fatal. Learn how alcohol detox works and how it’s effective for combating alcohol addiction.

How Does Alcohol Detox Work?

The word “detox” literally means the act of removing toxins from the body, including alcohol. Most people relate it to withdrawal because this process still occurs during alcohol detox. The difference, however, is that people in professional medical detox programs receive medical help. Receiving professional detox services ensure that they’re safe during the withdrawal process.

During detox, most people suffer withdrawal symptoms to some degree. The severity of these symptoms varies, depending on how much and how long they drank. These symptoms may include confusion, hallucinations, seizures and shaking.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms usually start within five to 10 hours after the last drink. Shaking is often the first sign. In severe cases, hallucinations and seizures may occur during the first or second day. Most withdrawal symptoms peak around 3-5 days and then begin to taper off.

Alcohol Detox Methods

People struggling with alcohol addiction typically have two medical detox options. Medical experts generally recommend inpatient detox because it removes individuals from outside influences. Inpatient detox also gives them a safe and relaxing environment while their bodies go through a stressful process. It’s most beneficial for people with severe addiction, as they have a higher risk for withdrawal complications.

Outpatient detox is an option that allows people to receive medical help while they still live at home. The patients travel to detox centers for treatment several times a week or daily. This detox method is ideal for people with mild addictions and low risks for withdrawal complications. In general, however, most individuals experience greater benefits from an inpatient detox program.

How long each detox program lasts depends on how long the patients experience withdrawal symptoms. On average, however, alcohol detox programs last about 7 to 10 days.

How Does Detox Aid in Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

An effective, medically monitored detox program sets the foundation for alcohol addiction recovery. The first few weeks of addiction treatment are vital and set the tone for the long term. Detox allows patients to heal and gain strength so that they can focus on making life changes during recovery.

A licensed and professional alcohol detox keeps patients physically safe. Suddenly stopping alcohol use is deadly for some individuals. The withdrawal symptoms and complications, for example, could make underlying health problems worse.

In addition to protecting their physical state, detox also addresses their mental health. It’s stressful to quit drinking and to make lifestyle changes. At a professional facility, compassionate detox staff provides psychological support so that patients remain mentally stable.

Furthermore, detox patients receive education about their alcohol addiction. Learning more about their addiction can lead to progress in recovery. It helps them recognize and confront their alcohol problem. Education may also give them the motivation that they need to seek therapy after detox.

Get Alcohol Detox at Spring Gardens Recovery

If you suffer from alcohol addiction, Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, can help. Our 7 to 10-day inpatient detox program focuses on treating the body, soul, and mind through individual and group treatment. Our fully licensed staff also provides unique addiction treatment therapies such as:

Break the control that alcohol has over your life. Our proven detox methods can set the stage for your recovery. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at (866) 244-9556 to get started.

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