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Group Therapy

Group therapy includes about six to eight people who meet face-to-face with one or more trained counselors. The counselors guide you as you openly discuss your current problems. In these groups, members support each other and learn to appreciate the connection with other people without judgment. This therapy also provides major benefit as part of your individualized addiction treatment.

Why Group Therapy Works

group therapy taking place at Spring Gardens RecoveryIn group therapy, you gain strides in your interpersonal relationships because you use the same interaction methods in the group as you do elsewhere. Problems with your relationships outside of the group become clearer in your therapy. Other group members also provide feedback regarding your interactions, helping you make healthy changes in a short period of time. The group environment gives you a safe, confidential place to practice new skills.

From the group, you also hear stories from other people that run parallel to your own history. This makes you see you are not alone in your struggles or how you feel about yourself and life, in general. You also gain self-confidence in relating to others.

One of the greatest group benefits is seeing how others worked past their problems that you share. This enables you to try solving your problems using the same tools and tactics of other group members. When those members make mistakes, you also learn about those to prevent yourself from experiencing the same pitfalls.

Nature of Group Counseling Sessions

Most people fear their first group therapy session, particularly since you have worked so hard for so long to hide your behaviors and problems from people around you. But once you go through your first session, you see how group functions and find yourself looking forward to your next meetings. This fondness grows as your group relationships and trust grow.

Of course, you control what you say in the group. You find that the more you share and involve yourself, the greater your benefit. Listening to others and supporting them also benefits you. You see that you bring value to other participants and people who care about you.

According to studies, group counseling sessions are one of the best types of therapy for personal growth and change. Because group takes place in a sort of “bubble” of confidentiality, you feel safe to open yourself up to support and feedback. Other people serve as mirrors of yourself in the problems you share.

Sometimes other group members hit on topics or points that strike a chord in you. You possibly do not realize you struggle with certain triggers, until you face those triggers in the group environment. Overall, you gain self-acceptance and acceptance of others.

Group Therapy In Florida Addiction Treatment

In Spring Hill, Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery provides the safe place for starting sobriety after your substance abuse. Your treatment at Spring Gardens Recovery includes group therapy that you continue later in rehab. So in treatment, you learn to value these group sessions and gain what you need from them.

Other treatment aspects of Spring Gardens Recovery include:

Your stay at Spring Gardens Recovery helps you grow during treatment. Detox typically takes place over seven to 10 days, and the two-week stabilization program expands upon detox or works as a stand-alone treatment.

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, FL provides the individual and group therapy you need to gain a healthy start in addiction recovery. Learn more about the peaceful, tranquil setting of Spring Gardens Recovery and available programs by calling (866) 244-9556.

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