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About Spring Gardens Recovery

When you decide to end your struggles with addiction and achieve recovery, you must realize you need help. This journey should include an extensive support system of family, friends, and the staff of your recovery center. Spring Gardens Recovery provides the facility, staff, and programs you need to achieve your goals and take control of your life. Learning more about Spring Gardens Recovery will better prepare you for the journey ahead.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Instead of only implementing traditional talk therapies, we also see the benefit of using holistic therapies. Treatment and recovery should never be one-size-fits-all, and it should never place limits on guests. Holistic therapies not only help with recovery from addiction, but they also promote self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-reflection. Not only will guests leave our facility in recovery, but they will also have a new outlook on life. This approach helps prepare for life in recovery while improving their overall physical, mental, and spiritual health.

About Spring Gardens Recovery and Our Programs

Spring Gardens Recovery offers a wide range of different therapies and programs to give each of our guests their best chance at recovery. Our three primary programs are detox, residential, and stabilization.

Detox Programs

Our addiction treatment programs allow our guests to remove the addictive substances from their bodies in a safe and comfortable environment. Our addiction treatment staff monitors guests and helps them through the process of withdrawal. Once this initial step is complete, guests can focus on their therapies and their healing.

Custom Stabilization & Relapse Prevention

Through our numerous assessments, our Central Florida alcohol rehab professional team will determine and customize a unique plan and schedule for each guest to set them up for success.

30-day residential program

Our 30-day residential program allows our guests to stay on-site as they begin their treatment. By removing themselves from the everyday stresses and distractions, guests have the opportunity to focus on themselves and their objectives solely. During this program, guests can participate in a number of different holistic therapies to not only recover from addiction, but to also learn more about themselves.

What else is unique about Spring Gardens Recovery? Our therapy options. We provide a wide variety of therapies that encourage creativity and self-expression. Our therapies include:

Our Facility

Our Florida facility provides the ideal setting for healing and recovery. We are away from the typical noise and congestion of a major city but not too removed from the family. The calming atmosphere, bright sunshine, and fresh sea air are ideal for healing and reflection. Our facility also offers amenities that help us provide holistic healing. Instead of feeling as if you entered a hospital, you will feel as if you are home.

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If you’re ready to begin living a fuller, healthier life, turn to the professionals at Spring Gardens Recovery. Let our trained and skilled addiction recovery staff guide and support you through your treatment and break the cycle of addiction. To learn more about Spring Gardens Recovery and the services we provide, call us today at (866) 244-9556.
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