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Is a THC Detox Effective?

Woman in Need of a THC DetoxTetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, is the key ingredient in marijuana that causes many of its psychological effects. While society often underestimates the dangers of marijuana and THC, it’s possible to develop an addiction. Often, the only way to get clean and stay sober is through a THC detox.

Misconceptions About THC and Addiction

It’s true that marijuana isn’t as physically addictive as other drugs like heroin or cocaine. During withdrawal, the same severe physical side effects won’t be evident. However, marijuana can still be mentally and psychologically addictive. In fact, many individuals experience psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Many people smoke marijuana to relax or unwind. If they’re no longer able to use, they may experience restlessness, anxiety or insomnia. Clearly, this points to a psychological dependence.

It’s also common for individuals with a marijuana addiction to have trouble functioning when they don’t have access to the drug. They may become lethargic or irritable. Individuals may also suffer from pain or an increased sensitivity to pain.

All of these factors reveal that marijuana is indeed addictive. THC is the primary cause. That’s why those who are struggling with a marijuana addiction can benefit from a detox.

Marijuana Use is Not Harmless

A staggering number of people mistakenly think that marijuana and THC are harmless. The reality, of course, is that the drug can bring numerous health risks.

Recent legislative changes have led to a more relaxed attitude about marijuana. In fact, marijuana use is now a legal medicinal substance in some states. In others, recreational marijuana use is legal. The federal government, however, still considers it an illicit substance.

Marijuana abuse and addiction can significantly alter brain chemistry. This is worrying, especially for younger users. Marijuana use among teens can actually permanently reduce overall IQ. The drug can also cause cardiovascular problems and memory issues.

Goals of a THC Detox at Spring Gardens Recovery

Detox services at Spring Gardens Recovery can help individuals struggling with marijuana addiction. Stopping cold turkey may cause problems, so it’s best to complete a detox in a medically supervised environment. The goals of our THC detox program are to break patients’ chemical dependence, help individuals develop accountability and keep them safe throughout the process.

Individuals may be tempted to try unsupervised self-detox. At home or with friends and family, it’s easy to relapse and turn back to marijuana. Committing to our safe and secure detox environment ensures that patients complete the program without any hiccups.

What to Expect During Detox

Generally speaking, a THC detox is milder and easier than many of our other drug detox programs. However, knowing what to expect can be a great way to prepare.

To start, withdrawal symptoms are possible during a detox from marijuana. Individuals may have a reduced appetite, feel anxious or just tired. Irritability and paranoia are also possible. Fortunately, many of these symptoms are short-lived, and individuals can complete our detox program within seven to 10 days.

How Our THC Detox Program Helps Individuals Embrace Recovery

As part of our Spring Gardens Recovery addiction treatment therapies, we offer clients:

If you’re struggling with dependence on marijuana, then a THC detox may be the right choice. At Spring Gardens Recovery, you can begin embarking on your personal journey to sobriety. Call us today at (866) 244-9556 and take the first steps toward lasting recovery.

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