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Aftercare Program

group therapy taking place during an aftercare programFor many people who go to rehab for addiction, the true challenge begins when treatment ends. If you’ve tried rehab unsuccessfully in the past, you might simply need more continuous help. A rehab that offers an aftercare program could be just what you need to continue maintaining your results for the long haul. If you find a recovery center that provides this service, you could be on your way to lasting sobriety in less time than you might think.

How Does an Aftercare Program Enhance the Recovery Process?

Choosing to enroll in rehab is the first and most crucial step of the recovery process. However, this is only one step of many. Most rehab programs last between 30 and 90 days, but recovery can continue for years. As you consider the time spent in rehab, remember your stay will only make up a small portion of the time you’ll spend trying to get and stay clean.

The time immediately following rehab is frequently the most challenging, since individuals no longer have the protection of close supervision. It is also during this time that individuals begin to reintroduce outside influences and temptations. Having an aftercare program to help keep you accountable could help you stay committed to your sobriety once you leave rehab.

What Does it Entail?

If you’re not familiar with an aftercare program, you might be unsure of what to expect. In general, it is a program set in place that aims to help individuals stay sober for the rest of their lives by teaching relapse prevention. Some aftercare programs are offered by rehab facilities, while others are an independent program. Like all recovery services, the scope of these programs will vary greatly.

There are many options for an aftercare program. Examples include sober-living arrangements, continuing medical care, extended therapy, and alumni support groups. Most rehabs are clear about what types of extended care they offer, but it’s wise to confirm these options before enrolling.

If you choose rehab that offers Sober Living, you can expect a program that provides structure, organization, and leadership. Every sober living home runs a bit differently. Generally, they require individuals to commit to lifelong sobriety, follow set guidelines and curfews, and possibly share some living expenses with other sober living residents. Usually, the rules of an extended care program are most strictly enforced for new residents and ease up once they establish trust.

If you’re tired of living with addiction, find a rehab that offers quality aftercare and detox services. With the right kind of help, you can make a complete recovery and start rebuilding your life.

Start the Rehabilitation Process in Spring Hill, Florida

Now that you’re ready to get help for your addiction problem, choose treatment at Spring Gardens in Spring Hill, Florida. Our premier recovery center offers exceptional programs and detox therapies, each designed to guide users towards total rehabilitation. Regardless of your specific needs, we have a program that can bring you lasting results, including an aftercare program.

A couple of the services we offer include:

Let Spring Gardens Recovery Help You Beat Addiction

Don’t let addiction dictate the direction and quality of your life. The professional services at Spring Gardens in Spring Hill, Florida, can help you get sober and learn how to maintain lifelong change. If you’re ready for our aftercare program, call us directly at (866) 244-9556. We will help you identify the best combination of programs and therapies to suit your unique recovery needs.

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