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Addiction Treatment FAQ’s

Are we a 12 step program?
No, Spring Gardens does not specifically only focus on 12 step. We provide therapy using several peer-support models like 12 step. We feel ths is the best approach in helping our clients find a program that works for them.

What is the difference between detox and residential?
Detox has 24 hr medical supervision to ensure safety and comfort during the removal process of a substance in the body.  Residential treatment focuses on counseling and education to address an individual’s psychological addiction to a substance and any co-occurring disorders.

Do we treat more than addictions?
Yes, we address co-occurring mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and trauma.

Do we work with insurances? If so, which ones?
We are in network with most insurances and will be happy to verify any insurance policy

Is there any financial assistance?
We are able to evaluate patients financial status to offer assistance when we can.

Are all rooms shared or is there private rooms available?
Rooms are semi-private but there are private rooms available at an extra cost.

Is it a safe facility?
Yes, at Spring Gardens we are a 24 hr medically monitored facility on a secure gated compound.

What is the length of stay for detox and residential?
The average length of stay for detox is usually 7 days and we provide residential treatment up to 30 days.

Can I have contact with my family and friends?
Communication with friends and family are usually permitted after 72 hours between 5pm and 9pm.

What I am I allowed to have?
Patients are welcome to wear clothing that is casual, appropriate and comfortable. We will be happy to supply a list when requested

What does a typical treatment day look like?
A typical day can consist of a individual, group, family, or recreational therapy, medication management as well as holistic forms of treatment that include acupuncture, meditation, massage therapy, music therapy or animal therapy.

What is the process for admission?
Simply to conduct an assessment as to the need for treatment, determine appropriateness of our program and schedule immediate admission.

What happens once I finish treatment?
Prior to discharge patients will be assessed for after care options as well as and included in alumni gatherings.

Is there an alumni program?
Our alumni meet monthly and often have special events throughout the year.

Are we allowed to have people come visit me while in treatment?
Unfortunately there are no set visitation days or times, but we provide family therapy in order to continue to have the client’s support group involved

How are meals prepared?
Meals are prepared by our highly trained chefs three times a day.

What can I bring that are electronics?
Electronics that do not take photos, videos, recordings, or internet access are allowed.

Can I bring my medication with me?
Medications will be medically and clinically evaluated for continued use.

If I forgot something, would there be a way for someone to pick it up from the store?
We go on store runs for our clients when purchases are necessary to enhance their stay with us.

Can people send me letter or packages?
Yes, friends and family are welcome to send letters for correspondence and packages for our patients.

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