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Art Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a mental disorder that can cause many physical and psychological problems. Some people mistakenly believe that they no longer have to worry about addiction after treatment. In truth, addiction isn’t a condition that simply goes away. Some unique treatment options such as art therapy can help them at any point in the recovery process.

woman painting in art therapyWhat Is Art Therapy?

Art or artistic therapy is a type of experiential counseling. The goal is to address people’s spiritual and emotional needs during recovery. This focus on emotional and spiritual health is essential since most therapies merely focus on physical or mental needs.

It’s not necessary to have a background in art to participate in this type of therapy. Anyone who engages in it can benefit. They simply have to let themselves go to receive the full benefits. It’s more crucial for them to enjoy themselves and reduce stress than make perfect art.

Another benefit of art therapy is that it breaks people away from the traditional sessions of individual and group therapies. These standard services are too structured for some of them. Because of that, they feel uncomfortable and don’t get the full benefits.

Types of Artistic Therapy

There are many types of artistic programs. Some of the most common include:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Coloring

Although these types of art therapy are common, people can use other types of art to express themselves. For example, music, poetry, and dance are also forms of this therapy. Some addiction treatment facilities list all of these as separate services, while others label them all under artistic treatment.

Some places even list cooking as a form of art therapy. Anything that people can do to relax and take their minds off of addiction may qualify. Art therapy often teaches them a new trade or ability that they can use after rehab. These new abilities and hobbies can help them avoid relapse.

There’s also a method that experts refer to as third-hand artistic therapy. During it, people still create their own works of art. The most significant difference is that the therapists help them.

The Best Plan Is to Start With Detox

No matter what kind of treatment program that people enroll in, detox is the proper starting point. It gives them a better chance of avoiding relapse after rehab. In fact, studies show that people who go to drug detox are less likely to relapse versus those who don’t.

While there are numerous detox centers out there, it’s essential to choose one that offers more than just detox. People want to look for a place that starts training them in relapse prevention and coping skills. Like art therapy, these are traits that help them both during and after treatment.

Spring Gardens Recovery Offers More Than Just Standard Care

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we’re an addiction treatment center first and foremost. However, we strive to take care to the next level with unique programs and features. Unlike some other centers, we focus on relapse prevention to aid you during and after your stay with us. Some of the detox services that we offer include:

Spring Gardens Recovery can help you recover from prescription and illegal drugs. Whether you need oxycodone detox or heroin detox, you can count on our friendly staff to help you. We take privacy very seriously here too. Our goal is to make you feel as relaxed as possible during treatment.

Don’t just settle for a run-of-the-mill rehab center. Find out how art therapy can help you during and after treatment. Reach out to Spring Gardens Recovery at (866) 244-9556 for more information.

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