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How Medically Supervised Sauna Therapy Contributes to Our Program

During the detoxification process, professional facilities use various methods to help remove harmful drug toxins. Over the years, medically supervised sauna therapy has gained traction as an effective technique. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we’ve found that this technique is more than a trend. In fact, it’s helped many of our clients through the recovery process.

How Does Medically Supervised Sauna Therapy Work?

Sauna therapy is an effective way to flush out drug toxins that reside in the body’s fat cells. Sitting in a sauna promotes perspiration. In the process, sweating eliminates toxins from the kidneys and additional, unwanted waste products from the body.

Because long-term drug use has various damaging effects, sauna therapy is one of the best ways to restore your physical and mental health as you go through detox. Just like our other detox services, our medical professionals will monitor your safety and stability throughout the process.

Benefits of Supervised Sauna Therapy

Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are a normal part of the detox process. Because your body has become so accustomed to consuming drugs or alcohol, it reacts adversely when you stop using. While different substances bring about different symptoms, typically you can expect varying degrees of:

  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

When combined with our other addiction therapy approaches, sauna therapy works to de-stress the body. It makes you feel more comfortable as you focus on changing your life for the better.

An Atmosphere That Promotes Healing

Located in beautiful Spring Hill, Florida, our 4.5-acre rehab facility provides the perfect template to experience a new, substance-free beginning. Along with beneficial sauna treatment, we also offer:

While we believe in starting with holistic detox methods, in some cases clients may need medication-assisted treatment.

As guests go through the healing process, they’ll have access to private rooms complete with flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi access, and Bluetooth headphones.

Don’t continue struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Take the first step to sobriety at Spring Gardens Recovery. Call us today at (866) 244-9556.

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