Man Curious About Various Detox MethodsAside from committing to change, detox is the first step toward recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. This process sets the stage for a long-term recovery program. It cleanses the negative toxins that drugs leave behind in the body. At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, we use several detox methods to help our clients stop using drugs.

Below is an overview of the different methods that detox centers across the country use. Take a look at the factors that affect which method we may use for your detox plan.

Factors to Consider for Detox

In selecting an appropriate detox method at Spring Gardens Recovery, the substance abused is a major determinant. Some people abuse opiates or synthetic opioids, such as heroin and prescription pain pills. Others abuse alcohol, sedatives like Diazepam, or tranquilizers including Xanax. Additionally, some people use more than one drug at a time.

The reason that drug type is such a major factor is because they don't all cause the same withdrawal symptoms. For example, opiates can create a strong physical dependence. The withdrawal symptoms can also be more severe compared to alcohol or other sedatives.

Another factor that determines which detox methods we’ll use is how long the client used the substances. Prolonged substance abuse can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, the average dosage affects how their bodies react to quitting.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we use a comprehensive approach to evaluating each client's overall health. Compromised physical or mental health can affect withdrawal severity and risks. Our goal is to make the detox process as comfortable and safe as possible.

Medical Detox

Experts recommend medical detox for individuals who seek drug abuse or addiction treatment. They give this advice because withdrawal symptoms can cause various complications. Vomiting, for example, could lead to death if the stomach contents become lodged in the airways. As another example, untreated dehydration can lead to heart and kidney problems.

In our medical detox program, our fully licensed staff monitors every patient to avoid or minimize possible complications. The doctors or nurses may prevent these complications with medicines that reduce withdrawal symptoms. For example, they could administer anti-nausea meds to prevent vomiting. Sometimes they prescribe medicines such as librium to reduce symptoms and curb cravings.

Different Detox Methods

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we offer first-class detox methods, including an inpatient detox program that lasts for 7 to 10 days.

Our program provides living space with 24-hour care and supervision for each client. It’s an ideal environment for people who have a high risk for withdrawal complications. It might be the best option for people with severe substance abuse problems. We also recommend it to those in relapse after completing extended drug abuse treatment.

Outpatient detox is an option where patients regularly visit a clinic. They receive medicinal treatment several times a week or daily. This is ideal for people with a commitment to recovery. Patients generally don't need 24-hour monitoring and have a low risk for withdrawal complications.

A third method is a sub-acute detox. This program is ideal for people with overall good mental and physical health. The patients don't usually need 24-hour care and dedicate themselves to the program. However, they might receive treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Get Safe Detox Treatment at Spring Gardens

Located on 4.5 acres of beautiful land, Spring Gardens Recovery offers a compassionate staff that provides safe detox and addiction treatments. We offer individual and group programs that treat the body, mind and soul. In keeping with our serene and tranquil environment, a registered shaman guided meditation and yoga therapy. Other amenities that are available to clients include:

Stop letting drug abuse or addiction control your life. Addiction Treatment Therapies at Spring Gardens Recovery can help your mind, body and soul heal. Call (866) 244-9556 now to learn more about our detox resources and to learn which method will work best for you.