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Detox Symptoms: Knowing What to Expect

During detox, patients can experience some unpleasant symptoms. Fortunately, they’re often less uncomfortable than people imagine, especially when they seek a professional medical detox. Qualified professionals in a detox facility can help reduce any pain or discomfort throughout the process. However, knowing what to expect can make detox symptoms less worrying for prospective patients.

When Detox Symptoms Typically Begin

One of the biggest questions patients have is when they can expect symptoms to begin. While not all patients will have the same experience, symptoms will generally begin to appear around 12 hours after last using drugs.

man discussing Detox SymptomsThese initial symptoms tend to be mild. In some cases, patients may already be familiar with these symptoms. They’re similar to waking up after a night’s sleep or getting through a long day without using. During treatment, however, medical professionals allow these detox symptoms to develop in order to break the chemical dependency.

It’s usually best if patients are already in a detox facility by the time these symptoms start. That way, medical professionals are able to monitor their health and safety. They’ll also have access to various treatment resources to ensure a safe and successful detox.

Average Duration of Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox won’t last forever, and neither will detox symptoms. Far too many individuals avoid going through detox because they fear the time commitment. However, time is a small price to pay for a lifetime of health and happiness.

The detox timeframe—and the duration of related symptoms—depend upon a number of factors. Addiction severity, age and health all play a role. In addition, the particular substance can impact how long symptoms last.

On average, however, most patients will see their symptoms start around 10–12 hours into the detox. They pick up steam within 24 hours, and then they tend to peak after about 72 hours. From there, most patients see their detox symptoms taper off completely.

Typically, withdrawal symptoms last fewer than one week. At most, 10 days is usually sufficient for completing a full drug detox.

Common Physical Detox Symptoms

During detox, a number of physical symptoms can appear. Most of these are short-lived. However, knowing what to expect can make them easier to handle.

The exact symptoms depend on the drug in question. However, many patients experience flu-like symptoms. Fever, chills, headaches, runny nose, intestinal distress and dehydration are all common. Aching muscles or bones are also common, along with increased heart rate or blood pressure.

Common Psychological Detox Symptoms

While physical symptoms get most of the attention, psychological symptoms can be just as challenging. To start, getting adequate sleep is often an issue. Insomnia and vivid dreams are common.

The detox process can also excite mental health conditions. Many patients struggle with anxiety or depression. In rare cases, users may experience paranoia, suicidal thoughts or violent urges.

How Medical Professionals Can Help During a Detox

During the detox process, medical professionals at Spring Gardens ensure patients remain comfortable, healthy and stable. The amenities at our Spring Hill, Florida facility can also distract and soothe clients. We offer many helpful resources, including:

Now that you know what detox symptoms to expect, you can take the next step toward recovery. Call Spring Gardens today at (866) 244-9556 to learn more about our detox services and begin taking back control over your life.

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