What happens when you combine Eastern medicine therapy with evidence-based detox treatments? The answer is simple. You experience a holistic approach that addresses the healing needs of your mind, body, and spirit. Here’s what this looks like.

Tranquility Sets the Stage for a Renewal

At Spring Gardens, Eastern medicine therapy is an essential component of healing. It starts with 4.5 secluded acres of space. There’s no hospital feel here. Instead, you get a distinctive spa atmosphere.

And that’s just the beginning. Drug addiction has a variety of contributing factors. They include genetics, social conditioning, and stress. There’s little that counselors can do about genes.

However, a serene environment is something that’ll counteract stress and helps put you on the road to healing. It creates the ideal backdrop for a broad range of detox services. These may include cutting-edge modalities as well as time-honored approaches.

woman taking part in Eastern Medicine Therapy

How Eastern Medicine Therapy Helps You Heal

There’s plenty of support that identifies Eastern medicine therapy as a viable component of care in detox. It’s vital to note that this type of care doesn’t take the place of evidence-based addiction therapies. Instead, it’s a complementary approach. Examples of possible therapeutic interventions include:

  • Meditation therapy as a means for relaxation, mindfulness training, and guided breathing exercises
  • Yoga therapy that combines breathing exercises with stretches and moderate movements
  • Nutritional therapy that helps your body heal and restores energy
  • Massage therapy, which helps with muscle discomfort and encourages the removal of toxins from the body
  • Acupressure therapy that targets energy points in your body for overall wellness

As you can see, these wellness approaches target your stress level. They seek to counteract current experiences that lead to stressful physiological responses. Going forward, they also provide you with tools for handling stressors in the future. For example, meditation is a powerful tool for lessening stress in daily life.

It’s something that you can do at home, work, or school. Once you know how to apply it, it quickly becomes a part of your daily routine. Moreover, since you don’t need any equipment to practice meditation, it’s available in high-stress situations. As a result, it can become a powerful ally in relapse prevention.

Adding Evidence-Based Therapeutic Approaches to Your Detox Treatment Plan

Complementary practices cannot stand alone. They’re excellent for supporting evidence-based modalities. These treatments have stood the test of time. They worked well for people in similar situations.

Examples include:

  • Methadone therapy for clients who’re struggling with severe opiate addictions
  • Amino acid IV infusions, which boost your body’s healing abilities and provide overall wellbeing
  • Sauna therapy as a way for relaxing aching muscles
  • Pharmacological support for pain control and cravings management
  • Consistent medical monitoring that ensures your total comfort and physiological safety

Against this backdrop, holistic treatments from an Eastern palette work well. They target the outcomes that evidence-based modalities alone don’t often achieve. Moreover, they provide you with additional opportunities for whole-person healing.

Why Detox is Crucial to Recovery

You can’t progress to rehab, which undoes the psychological addiction until you deal with the physical dependency. Overcoming the physical addiction takes about seven to ten days. As you go through the treatments, you remind your body that it doesn’t need the drug for survival. In the process, you shut off the withdrawal symptoms that are currently so strong.

It’s inadvisable to try and withdraw from a drug at home alone. Many substances can create medical emergencies that you may not recognize early enough. Many more present with painful withdrawal symptoms. But you don’t have to suffer pain.

When you’re ready to experience pain-free detox, it’s time to contact Spring Gardens Recovery. At this facility, you undergo evidence-based and Eastern medicine therapy. Call 866-244-9556 now to connect with an admissions advisor.