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Aftercare Program

Spring Gardens Recovery Aftercare Program

The time immediately following rehab is frequently the most challenging since individuals no longer have the protection of close supervision. It is also during this time that recovering patients begin to introduce outside influences and temptations. Enrolling in an aftercare program can keep these individuals accountable and strengthen their commitment to sobriety once they leave rehab.

But there’s another reason why continuing care is instrumental in aiding recovery. It’s well documented1 that substance abuse and addiction can alter the way the brain functions, and that those changes can contribute to the development of mental illness.

aftercare program at hope gardens recovery

Even when an individual stops abusing the substance that led him to rehab, the human brain does not rewire itself so quickly. In other words, an individual is not “cured” once the physical addiction ends.

Physiological changes may lead to thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that could prevent healing. A recovering patient may need to adjust expectations about how much care is needed to transition successfully to sober living.

What Makes Aftercare Successful?

Aftercare programs can vary in the types of support available, the frequency with which they’re offered, and the method for delivering the services. However, all aftercare programs aim to:

  1. Help recovering patients maintain their sobriety and prevent relapse.
  2. Guide those patients in creating a framework for a fulfilling and rewarding life beyond the rehab facility.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) has identified which kinds of services make aftercare successful.

Health Services in Aftercare Program

Health services provide a means for monitoring recovery progress and staying on top of mental health or other diseases. Measures should include periodic testing (both for illicit substances and the presence of disease), medications if needed, and education.

Stable & Supportive Home Environment

An individual in recovery needs a stable and supportive home environment following rehab. The aftercare program should either work with immediate family members to ensure these conditions can be met or will need to find acceptable housing for the recovering patient. The individual must also have a way to access services – whether they’re available in person or remotely.

Purposeful Recovery

After patients complete the standard rehab or outpatient programs, they must continue to try to find meaning through work, school, family, hobbies, volunteering, or other activities. Discovering a purpose will help the individual to remain drug-free.

Lasting Recovery Through Aftercare Programs

Finding Community through Aftercare Programs

A recovering patient must be free of the communities that encouraged substance abuse. Aside from avoiding triggers, the individual must learn how to pursue friendships and other relationships that are based on love and trust. A good aftercare program can be instrumental in helping the individual make healthier connections.

The Spring Gardens Recovery Aftercare Program

Our H.O.P.E Aftercare program was created to give individuals stepping down from outpatient services a way to slowly transition out of treatment.

This level of care is strictly a maintenance program and is not recommended as the first step in substance abuse treatment.

The components of our Aftercare Program include:

  • One individual therapy session per month where the recovering patient can continue to heal and learn how to deal with everyday triggers
  • One group session per month that’s facilitated by highly trained clinical staff and designed to allow those in recovery to help and support each other during the beginning stages of the aftercare phase.

Our aftercare program allows individuals to maintain accountability while transitioning to normal daily functioning.

Get Started with Addiction Aftercare Services in Florida

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we know that aftercare services are essential for successfully transitioning to regular daily functioning after rehab. Individuals need to slowly and purposefully re-enter an environment where they are able to live drug-free without daily supervision.

To learn more about our treatment programs – and where to get started – please call us at 866-244-9556. We are here to help.





[1] https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/common-comorbidities-substance-use-disorders/part-1-connection-between-substance-use-disorders-mental-illness

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