Our H.O.P.E Aftercare program was created to give individuals stepping down the ability to slowly transition out of treatment. This level of care is strictly a maintenance program and not recommended as a beginning of substance abuse treatment.


This program consists of 1 individual and 1 aftercare group a month. This gives the opportunity to allow the individual to maintain accountability while almost returning to a normal daily functioning.

Individuals with meet with their primary therapist for a one-on-one session once a month, to continue the healing process and help guide individuals when dealing with everyday triggers occur.

The aftercare group is a specific group designed only for those in this level of care. Group is facilitated by highly trained clinical staff and designed to allow individuals to help each other through the unforeseen issues that can occur during the beginning stages of recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, please call us at 866.244.9556. We are here to help.