Our Program:

Spring Gardens Recovery designed the H.O.P.E Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) in order to help individuals who wish to continue building their recovery from substances and co-occurring disorders, while continuing to be able to maintain their everyday activities.   We use high quality, evidence-based interventions to treat the root of the addiction.  All new clients meet with their primary therapist upon entering the program to help integrate them into the group and to develop an individualized treatment plan focused on long-term recovery.

These hours consist of:

  • 3 days per week of 3 hours of group sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • Minimum 1 individual session
  • Urinary Analysis (2 per week)
  • Family therapy/support
  • Case Management services
  • Ancillary Services

Why should you consider Intensive Outpatient?

This program offers support for those stepping down from higher levels of care or those beginning their recovery and need more structure than non-intensive outpatient treatment. Individuals typically spend 9 hours minimum per week in our intensive outpatient program through face-to-face sessions or in a virtual telehealth environment. This level helps create the accountability those newly into recovery need.

Call us today to talk to our highly trained admission team in help determining the best fit level of care 866.244.9556.