When it comes to addiction recovery, detox is the most logical first step. While detoxification is only one part of your recovery, it helps establish a solid foundation as you seek lasting change.

How Detox Starts Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Woman Seeking Addiction Recovery

Detox is the first step in addiction recovery, coming before a lengthier rehab program. Some people make the mistake of skipping this crucial step. Others try to self-detox, which makes them more prone to relapse without medical supervision.

Overcoming your physical dependence sets the stage for the rest of your journey. That’s why it’s vital to start that journey in a supervised detox environment.

Why a Supervised Detox Is Important

Our medical detox program is designed to clear drugs or alcohol out of your body. Many substances remain in your system for days or weeks. As your body flushes drugs or alcohol out of your system, you may feel various uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. These feelings occur because your body and brain are attempting to naturally regain balance without relying on those substances.

A quality detox facility also provides good nutrition, hydration, and balance between your body's cleansing processes and other activities. At Spring Gardens Recovery in Florida, we offer beneficial activities like yoga or shaman-led meditation. We also have professional chefs on staff and 24-hour access to nutritious meals.

During the detox process, Spring Gardens also provides individual and group treatment so you can prepare your body, mind, and soul for rehab. We also offer amino acid and pediment IV solutions to make the detoxification process easier.

Even though the detox process can be difficult, our professionals work to make sure we provide you with a comfortable, secure, and safe environment. We offer a much better alternative to self-detox or trying to quit "cold turkey." Caring professionals in medically-supervised detox watch over you 24/7 and monitor your wellness to ensure no complications arise.

When Detox Is Over, Addiction Recovery Really Begins

Our detox services prepare you for the long journey to a healthy, stable, and strong recovery. Once your detox experience is complete, our professionals will help you transition into one of our other rehab programs depending on your needs.

Therapies and group support in rehab will help you develop the means for dealing with cravings, triggers, and temptations without going back to drugs or alcohol. You'll need these critical skills to maintain your sobriety. In rehab, you’ll also address the underlying causes of your addiction, whether those stem from family problems, past abuse, depression, anxiety, or other issues.

If you or someone you love is ready for long-term addiction recovery, begin the journey at Spring Gardens Recovery. Call us today at 866-244-9556 for more information.