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World Mental Health Day 2018

man during World Mental Health Day 2018

People don’t talk enough about mental health. For many of them, mental conditions are a taboo subject that they would just rather ignore. However, ignoring these problems doesn’t make them go away. Thankfully, World Mental Health Day 2018 aims to change all of that.

What Is World Mental Health Day?

man during World Mental Health Day 2018World Mental Health Day focuses on mental health awareness, advocacy, and education. The World Federation of Mental Health (WFMH) started World Mental Health Day in 1992. It takes place on Oct. 10 every year and brings thousands of supporters together. The event also adopts a new theme to spread awareness about a specific issue.

It’s worth pointing out that some countries take World Mental Health Day a step further. Australia and the United States, for instance, make it part of Mental Health Week. This event devotes an entire week to spreading mental health awareness. Many countries even raise money for those who struggle with mental health issues.

Since addiction is a mental disorder, World Mental Health Day spreads information about substance abuse too. There’s a huge link between the development of mental disorders and addiction. More people need to know about this connection, and this event provides it.

What Is the Theme for World Mental Health Day 2018?

In the past, World Mental Health Day has touched on a number of unique topics. In 2014, the theme was Living with Schizophrenia. The next year, the theme tackled the stigma attached to mental health disorders with the theme of Dignity in Mental Health.

The theme in 2016 was Psychological First Aid. Then, in 2017, it focused on Mental Health in the Workplace. For 2018, World Mental Health Day will tackle Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World.

The WFMH really wants to focus on raising awareness for mental health problems in young people. Today, most young people spend a lot of time on the internet. Many of them even experience cyberbullying and cyber crimes. Combining that with the increase in news about violence in homes and schools is a recipe for mental health issues.

Young adults are at an age when some severe mental illnesses can begin to develop. With that said, very few learn anything about mental conditions. Because of that, they don’t get the help that they need to overcome these issues. Instead, they abuse drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms.

World Mental Health Day 2018 hopes to change the lack of knowledge that young adults have about mental health. In fact, many schools plan to participate in the event to spread this information. This problem won’t just go away on its own. The more that young adults learn about it, the better the chance that they have to avoid problems and get help.

Spring Gardens Recovery Takes Mental Health Seriously

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we know the importance of spreading education about mental health issues. In fact, mental disorders are one of the leading causes of addiction. We support World Mental Health Day 2018 and the awareness that it spreads. The message that the WFMH spreads falls in line with our own.

Spring Gardens Recovery offers professional detox services for women. We believe strongly in providing a program that they can count on. That’s why we go above and beyond what other detox centers offer. Some of the unique services that we have include:

  • Fully licensed staff
  • Holistic approach to treatment
  • Amino acid IV infusions
  • Yoga and meditation therapies
  • Medical detox

Learn more about World Mental Health Day 2018. Find out how raising awareness is the first real step toward removing the stigma attached to mental health disorders. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery for more information at (866) 244-9556.

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