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World Kindness Day Nov 13th

father and son participating in World Kindness Day Nov 13th

father and son participating in World Kindness Day Nov 13thIf you believe that the world could do with more kindness, there’s a way you can promote it. While World Kindness Day Nov 13th is a great place to start being kinder and more positive, consider it a jumping off point. Start there and continue to promote good feelings. What is this day about, and how can you celebrate it? More importantly, how can you keep the kindness going?

About World Kindness Day Nov 13th

The World Kindness Movement started this day in 1998 as a way to spread kindness. It’s an international event that falls on the same day every year. The focus of this special day is to spread positivity and shine a light on the connections people make when they’re nice to each other.

Worldwide kindness and peace is a huge goal, but it starts with one person at a time.

How Will You Celebrate World Kindness Day Nov 13th?

Maybe you’ve heard about random acts of kindness, and you might have performed your own. It’s paying forward kind acts, which is a powerful concept.

Let’s say that the person in front of you at a toll booth pays your toll. You don’t know the driver, and you find out they were willing to pay for your toll. Maybe you spread the kindness by buying a cup of coffee for a stranger the next time you’re in your favorite coffee spot. Or you put money in an expired meter for someone before they get a ticket.

A gesture doesn’t have to be huge to be kind. Even the smallest acts of kindness can mean a lot to someone. It can be something as simple as complimenting the person behind the counter.

All of us have bad days. You might sit next to someone on the bus or at work and not have any idea they’re going through a tough time. A random act of kindness can truly make their day.

You can celebrate World Kindness Day Nov 13th, but when you keep spreading kindness throughout the year, you’ll probably feel very happy as a result. If each one of us did something nice for another person—stranger or loved one—every day, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Be Kind to a Very Important Person in Your Life

Too many people struggling with addiction are so hard on themselves. Their self-esteem may be low, and they often feel worthless. As a result, they may turn to substance abuse to boost their confidence. But this is short-lived.

Although World Kindness Day Nov 13th gives us a way to spread kindness to others, you should also be kind to yourself. If drug and alcohol abuse have robbed you of peace, it’s time you found it again.

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