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Is Addiction A Disease?

is addiction a disease

For years, people have been asking, “Is addiction a disease?” Some people argue that addiction isn’t a disease. However, many medical professionals, including addiction treatment specialists, consider addiction to be a disease. That classification changes how people approach treatment, and the process people go through on their way to sobriety.

Why Is Addiction A Disease?Distressed woman in black wondering is addiction a disease

Some think that addiction isn’t a disease because addicted individuals choose to start using drugs or alcohol. While most people do choose to start using substances, none of them choose to form an addiction. Their continuous substance abuse caused changes in their brains that lead to addiction. That continuous abuse isn’t always a choice.

Before people even form an addiction, they can become dependent on the substances they’re using. When a dependence forms, they will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Those symptoms are very uncomfortable and overwhelm many people, even those who want to recover. People who try to stop drug or alcohol abuse alone end up relapsing because of how painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms become.

Is Addiction A Disease That’s Curable?

Like many diseases, addiction is not curable. People who develop an addiction tend to struggle with it for the rest of their lives. That’s due to the relapsing nature of addiction.  However, there’s hope in recovery.  A life of recovery can offer redemption.

People often begin using substances because they’re unable to cope with certain aspects of their lives. The substance they abuse offers them an escape. It also alters their bodies and minds, sometimes in permanent ways, just like many diseases. Some wind up relapsing because they feel like they need the substance to just feel normal, the new normal of the drug-addled brain.

Is Addiction A Disease That Can Effectively Be Treated?

Addiction is treatable. With the right help, detox methods, and support, anyone can manage their addiction. This help should come from addiction treatment programs with staff members that understand the difficulties of addiction, detox, and rehab.

Detox is designed to help people get through drug withdrawal and is a very necessary first step.   During detox, patients at Spring Gardens have access to detox programs with a retreat-like feel to help them through the discomfort of the experience. At Springs Gardens Recovery, we provide our clients with many different holistic therapies, including:

We also provide our clients with a safe, amenity-rich luxury detox that helps them heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Addiction is a disease that can be treated. With the right help, you can start your addiction treatment in a safe, luxurious and comfortable center. Don’t wait. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at (866) 244-9556 to talk to and addiction expert about starting your journey to sobriety.

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