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Inpatient Detox Program


Many medical experts consider detox to be the first step toward addiction recovery. The process starts when patients cease the consumption of addictive substances like drugs and alcohol. While many types of detox exist, an inpatient detox program gives individuals the best chance of recovery.

Inpatient Detox Program is the Most Successful Option

woman after Inpatient Detox ProgramUltimately, there should be one main goal for detox programs. That goal is to break a chemical dependence to an addictive substance. Therefore, any detox program should be judged on how it can help patients achieve that specific goal.

Residential detox provides the best opportunity for patients to succeed in recovery. Since patients remain on the premises for seven–10 days, there’s a higher overall chance of completing the program in its entirety.

Those who opt for a residential detox program also get more time with medical professionals. Patients are able to focus on their goals throughout their detox treatment.  Another benefit is that life’s responsibilities aren’t there to distract them along the way. This makes it more likely that patients will continue their recovery journey long after detox has ended.

Inpatient Detox is Safer

While a drug detox or alcohol detox is a vital component to addiction recovery, it can come with some risks. During detox, the body and the brain go through withdrawal. Some of these withdrawal symptoms can be severe. In a residential detox, patients will have around-the-clock access to medical attention.

Those who complete detox in an outpatient program—or who attempt it solo—won’t be as fortunate. If a medical problem arises in the middle of the night, help might not be readily available.

While virtually everyone is safer in a medical residential detox facility, it’s especially true for certain demographics. Senior citizens, for example, should always have 24/7 medical treatment available during withdrawal. Anyone with health risks or with a mental health disorder will also benefit greatly from access to medical care at all times.

Why Spring Gardens Inpatient Detox Program Is More Comfortable for Patients

During detox, comfort should be a priority. Withdrawal symptoms may be unpleasant at times. The best facilities go to great lengths to increase patient relaxation and comfort. Having spacious on-campus accommodations helps in this endeavor. At Spring Gardens Recovery, our inpatient detox program environment is far more comfortable than commuting to and from our facility each day.

Not everything that goes on during detox is medical. Residential detox at Spring Gardens allows patients to have access to a range of amenities. Some of these include:

Inpatient Options Offer 24/7 Accountability

At Spring Gardens Recovery, compliance is our number one requirement. If patients aren’t able to maintain their sobriety, then the detox won’t be successful. Since our inpatient detox facility doesn’t allow alcohol and drugs on the premises, it makes it easier to achieve that compliance. Plus, within our facility, you’ll be able to develop a strong peer and professional support network that encourages accountability.

Patients Won’t Need to Rely on Friends or Family

Often, friends and family are happy to assist with detox services. While it’s a thoughtful gesture, many patients don’t want to impose or be a burden on their loved ones. With our residential detox program, family and friends can offer support, but they don’t have to take responsibility. Instead, medical experts with ample experience can handle the ins and outs of the detox.

If you or someone you love is serious about combating addiction, understand that an inpatient detox program is important. Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, offers detox for those ready to make a change. Call (866) 244-9556 to start your recovery journey right away.

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