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How Long Does Addiction Recovery Take?

woman wondering how long does addiction recovery take

As you screen rehabs for your best fit, maybe you wonder, “How long does addiction recovery take?” This common question answers differently for each person. Much depends on how you approach treatment, whether you engage in your rehab program, and which treatment program you enter. After all, your individual recovery focuses on what helps you build your best future, not what works for others.

How Long Does Addiction Recovery Take?

woman wondering how long does addiction recovery takeGo back to your question, “How long does addiction recovery take?” You probably ask this question, not because you have a specific deadline in mind. Gaining lasting recovery is not like dieting to lose weight for a special event. Instead, you seek long-term change after a ravaging period of substance abuse.

The reason why you ask this question is likely for hope. You want to see into your future, just far enough to inspire yourself for improving your life. So under these terms, asking “how long does addiction recovery take” helps you muster energy and motivation for a brighter future.

Simply remember that addiction recovery is a lifelong process. When you leave your rehab at the end of your program, you hold no guarantees for sobriety. To achieve the lasting recovery you want, you must keep working on your recovery and use what you learned.

Your Treatment Stage

Treatment starts the day you stop abusing drugs or alcohol and enter detox services. You should not go “cold turkey” or try to quit your addiction on your own. Instead, you need support, care and therapies to prevent deadly relapse. So once you decide to get this critical help and enter that program, your treatment begins.

Your treatment approaches your addiction as a disease of your body, mind, and spirit. So you need a wide range of treatments and therapies for all of those aspects of your being. The physical hold your substances have on you then stop in detox. But you still experience psychological symptoms like cravings and triggers that rehab treats for your true, lasting wellness.

In rehab, you learn about your addiction as a chronic, relapsing disease. At the same time, you go through an array of therapies. Your individualized treatment plan guides you through rehab, helping you set and achieve specific goals for recovery.

Early Recovery from Addiction

There is another answer to the general question, “How long does addiction recovery take?” This answer relates to early recovery from your addiction, the time period when you practice what you learn in treatment.

During this phase, you feel “fragile” and new to sobriety. You must focus and use what you learned to avoid relapse because of cravings, daily stress, triggers, temptations, social pressures, and family problems. In essence, you learn how to live well during this time. You also practice having fun and socializing without using drugs or alcohol.

Once you stay sober for at least 90 days, you enter the maintenance phase of your recovery. During this next phase of your life, you focus on using everything you learned in your first three months of recovery. You must work hard not to feel overwhelmed or stressed by your life changes. At this time, you benefit from community support and other healthy people around you.

Addiction Treatment You Need for Lasting Recovery

For your lasting recovery beyond the maintenance phase and into advanced recovery, you need help from quality addiction treatment programs. Therapies and treatments important to your strongest sobriety include:

  • Licensed detox and residential rehab
  • Amino acid and pediment IV infusions
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Medications as needed
  • Quality amenities for comfort and peace

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida provides all of these services in a peaceful, upscale environment. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery at  (866) 244-9556 for the in-depth answer to your question, “How long does addiction recovery take?” You will love the answer and your new life gained with Spring Gardens Recovery’s help.

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