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High-Performing Professionals and Addiction

High-Performing Professionals and Addiction

High-performing and high-earning professionals, such as business executives, doctors, and lawyers, often have stressful, fast-paced, and sleep-deprived careers. Over time, intense demands, competition, and stress lead to exhaustion or burnout, leading to professionals and addiction.

It’s well established that stress is a risk factor that contributes to substance use and addiction.1 Similar to how financial, educational, or social stress can lead to substance use in low socioeconomic classes, high-performing professionals may turn to substances to relieve work pressure and relax.

Substance Use and Addiction Among High-Performing Professionals

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, high-earning professionals in the management sectors, such as business executives and high-level leaders, have a higher rate of substance use than the rest of the workforce.2

Based on the report, the addiction rate for management professionals include:3

  • 12.1 percent reported illicit substance use in the past month
  • 11.4 percent were diagnosed with a substance use disorder
  • 9.9 percent reported heavy drinking in the past month

Professionals and Addiction Treatment

Substance use and misuse may be a concern among high-performing professionals, but one of the biggest challenges is getting them to seek help. Some of the same personality traits that fueled them to success also act as an obstacle to their treatment.

Here are some of the main reasons these professionals don’t seek treatment:4

  • Denial of their addiction
  • The belief that they’re in control
  • A belief that the substance use doesn’t negatively impact their performance
  • Personal wealth that allows them to purchase substances easily and without negative impacts on their finances
  • Social norms related to professional positions, such as social drinking at work events

In addition, professionals may be less likely to be confronted about their substance use by subordinates or other management since they’re in a position of power and authority.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction in Professionals

Professionals live fast-paced, demanding lifestyles. They may always be under pressure to perform and succeed, possibly leading to substance use. To make matters worse, these demands can also prevent professionals from seeking help or recognizing that there’s a problem since they may feel as though the weight of the business rests on their shoulders.

Some of the signs and symptoms of substance misuse and addiction include:

  • Craving drugs or alcohol
  • Difficulty managing stress without the substance
  • Having trouble focusing on anything beyond the next dose
  • Financial, work, or relationship problems
  • A feeling that life is spinning out of control

Finding reasons not to go to rehab is common with anyone struggling with substance misuse, but professionals can be even more stubborn about getting help. You may feel that you don’t have time for rehab or that it may impact their home or work lives.

With an executive rehab center, you can count on a team that understands the demands of a high-performing professional career. These rehab centers ensure you have accountability for your home and professional life, as well as amenities and resources to keep your life running smoothly. At the same time, you address your substance abuse treatment.

Financial Concerns with Executive Rehab Centers

When it comes to rehab, you may be concerned about whether you can afford the treatment or the time away from work. If you’re the sole breadwinner in your household, the financial burden can be more considerable.

Consider the costs of your substance use and addiction, however. How long before drugs or alcohol affect your home life, friendships, or work performance? What about the cost of the substances themselves?

An executive rehab center not only offers you freedom from your addiction but relief from the stress and financial burden of substance use. You can stay connected to your work to ensure a minimal impact on your career while focusing on getting well.

Executive Rehab for High-Performing Professionals

Unfortunately, addiction is common in high-performing professionals and can be challenging to address. Because of pressure to succeed and perform, professionals often assume they’re in control and that they don’t need or don’t have time for rehab.

Your health should always come first. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction in a high-performing position, Spring Gardens

Recovery is here to help. Our executive rehab program offers treatment with confidentiality, individual counseling sessions, and innovative therapy to help you unplug, unwind, and focus on yourself. We also have a full-service technology area with Wi-Fi to help you stay connected to your responsibilities. Contact us today to learn more about our executive rehab program!

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