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Executive Rehab Program

When you’re a busy executive, you wear many hats. You’re expected to drive growth in your business, manage employees and put out fires. However, that’s only in your professional life. You also have responsibilities to your health, community, and family. Our executive rehab program offers the flexibility and privacy that you need to recover from addiction.

Do You Need Rehab?

When all of your obligations have you running ragged, you might not pause to evaluate your health. If you do have a moment to contemplate how things are going in your life, it might feel impossible to see things objectively. However, if you have a nagging feeling that your struggle with drugs or alcohol is problematic or if you’re certain that you need to take control of your substance abuse, you might need to consider executive rehab program at our Spring Hill rehab.

Some signs that drug use is becoming a problem include:

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  • Difficulty managing stress without the substance
  • Craving the drugs
  • Having trouble concentrating on anything but getting and taking your next dose
  • Relationship or financial problems
  • A feeling that your life is out of control

Many people talk themselves out of taking the first step toward recovery because they feel like they don’t have time for rehab. Executive rehab centers understand that you need to be accountable to your home and professional life. They have amenities to let you continue managing your life smoothly while you’re enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program.

When you do choose to make a move toward sobriety and recovery, the best place to start is with detox. Safely and comfortably eliminating the drugs from your system is a requirement for establishing a successful treatment plan.

Can You Afford an Executive Rehab Center?

You might wonder whether you can afford to take the time off to go to rehab. You may also be concerned about paying for treatment.

What would your life look like if you didn’t go to rehab? Can you afford to let your addiction control your livelihood, your career, your family and your finances? The right detox or rehab facility allows you to stay involved with your work obligations so that you don’t miss a beat professionally.

When it comes to drug treatment, an employee assistance program Florida may be able to help. Many employers offer employee assistance programs or EAPs. An EAP is intended to provide support to employees who are going through personal issues that detract from their performance at work.

If you go through your company’s EAP, you’ll get access to counselors who can assess your situation and refer you to an appropriate facility if necessary. An EAP will usually accommodate a leave of absence so that you can work on recovery without worrying about losing your job.

What Should an Executive Rehab Program Offer?

Some executives fear to go to rehab because they’re worried that everyone will know about their struggles with addiction. The best executive rehab program will prioritize confidentiality as well as recovery. Our beautiful rooms and living areas give you the freedom to relax without scrutiny. Individual counseling sessions let you discuss your burdens and set up a plan for recovery in confidence.

Executive rehab programs should also have the technology that you need to stay connected with your responsibilities. Access to Wi-Fi is vital for almost every businessperson. Comfortable areas that let you work while feeling rejuvenated can make your stay at a rehab or detox center feel luxurious.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we have everything you need to unplug from your demanding life. Many professionals neglect self-care in exchange for their careers. Our unique therapies encourage you to turn your attention inward and focus on yourself.

We use the following evidence-based treatments to help you detox and work toward balance:

When is the last time somebody took care of you? Get the addiction treatment that you need in an environment that caters to your comfort and rejuvenation. Call Spring Gardens Recovery at (866) 244-9556 to find out how we can facilitate your “executive” recovery.

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