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Substance Abuse Treatment

If you’re ready to overcome your addiction, detox is the first step of substance abuse treatment. Under qualified medical supervision, you can safely and comfortably begin your recovery journey. During the process, you’ll progress through your withdrawal symptoms and prepare for your next steps in recovery.

What is Detox?

Woman Who Began Substance Abuse Treatment with DetoxDetox cleanses your body of the toxins taken in during your addiction. Known as the beginning of substance abuse treatment, the best detox services feature licensed medical professionals and other staff members experienced in addiction treatment. Once our programs cleanse your body and mind, you’ll transition into a licensed rehab facility.

The goals of detox include:

  • Safe, comfortable cleansing of the body of drugs and alcohol
  • Management of acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Preparation and encouragement for rehab

There are two primary types of detox programs. These include medically assisted detox and clinically managed detox.

As its name implies, a medically assisted detox involves administering medication to ensure you remain comfortable as you go through withdrawal symptoms. This gives helpful staff members the ability to safeguard your earliest moments of sobriety. These professionals may specialize in medical care or they could also be mental health practitioners.

A clinically managed detox is a non-medical approach to addiction withdrawal. Although you’ll be under supervision, these facilities typically don’t offer helpful medications or other supportive measures. In fact, some of these facilities only provide you with a place to go through detox.

If you’re serious about becoming clean and ending your addiction for good, you need a medically supervised detox that at least gives you the option for medication administration while ensuring your safety and stability in the process.

How Detox Helps You Prepare for Substance Abuse Treatment

In a licensed, medically supervised detox program, you’ll go through three stages of detox. These include evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for substance abuse treatment.

During the evaluation phase, you’ll be tested for drugs or alcohol, using a blood, breath, or urine drug test. Professionals will also assess your mental health state and check for other medical issues. After your evaluation, caring professionals will develop your individual detox strategy.

Stabilization makes up the majority of your inpatient detox experience. During this stage, you’ll go through withdrawal. You may receive some medications to treat your symptoms.

After undergoing detox for seven to 10 days, addiction specialists will help you prepare for subsequent substance abuse treatment. While detox sets the stage for the rest of your recovery, a comprehensive rehab experience will keep you clean by addressing the underlying issues that led to addiction. Our two-week stabilization program, as well as our residential treatment program, are your next steps to reaching lasting recovery in substance abuse treatment.

Your Most Important Days of Early Recovery

Without a doubt, detox is one of the most important times in recovery. Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida blends proven and addiction therapy methods to prepare your body and mind for rehab programs.

During your stay at our detox center, our fully licensed and supportive staff of Spring Gardens Recovery will ensure that you’re comfortable, healthy and well-supported during withdrawal. While you detox at our Spring Hill facility, you’ll be able to re-center yourself and mentally prepare for the journey ahead.

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