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First Night 2018

man calling friends to celebrate First Night 2018

New Year’s Eve has become a celebration that involves alcohol. It’s no longer about watching the ball drop or spending time with loved ones. For many, having a drink or champagne flute in hand at the stroke of midnight is a must. In contrast, there’s First Night 2018.

How First Night 2018 Can Become Your Game Changer

man calling friends to celebrate First Night 2018Leave it to artists to figure out that the status quo needed a makeover. As far back as 1975, a group decided to create a different experience. They wanted the welcome of the New Year to be a celebration of art and music. A festive vibe was possible without a drop of alcohol.

The initial celebration took place in Boston. Since then, it spread like wildfire to other cities, too. First Night 2018 is sure to have at least one representation in your city or the next largest one. In addition to art lovers and aficionados for counter-cultural movements, these celebrations also appeal to celebrants with alcohol addiction.

Holidays are a Prime Time for Relapse Danger

Relapse triggers abound. There are the family members that you see every year around this time. You associate meeting them with having a glass of alcohol in your hand. Some interactions result in stressful situations that create their own sets of triggers.

There are plenty of tips out there for having a sober First Night experience. They run the gamut from bringing along an accountability partner to planning your exit just before the ball drop. However, what happens if – in spite of your best efforts – something goes wrong? On the other hand, maybe you’re looking at First Night 2018 as your challenge to quit drinking altogether.

Overcome Substance Abuse or Relapse with Professional Help

The first step on the road to sobriety is detoxification. You withdraw from the alcohol safely. Medical monitoring eliminates the pain that you might otherwise experience. Most importantly, it ensures a safe experience.

Detox is vital even if you relapsed. It helps you get back on track and deals with any cravings you might be experiencing. Remember that this is a fluid arrangement. If you don’t need an entire week to withdraw, you can move on to the rehab portion of care a lot faster.

For a relapsing client, a two-week stabilization may be the right path. You get back on track. Because you know what coping skills didn’t work for you, therapists assist you in determining new ones. The advantage of this setup is the level of customization that goes into the treatment.

If you’re undergoing substance abuse treatment for the first time, commit to a 30-day stay after detox. It’s an excellent way of immersing yourself in the therapeutic setting. Besides that, it enables you to explore coping skills and trigger responses. Most importantly, you receive immediate feedback that helps boost personal growth opportunities.

Treatments include:

  • Amino acid IV infusions that assist with stabilizing the brain chemistry for neurotransmitter release
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that gets to your reasons for using alcohol as a chemical crutch
  • Emphasis on rest, relaxation, and meditation to release stress and adopt healthy stressor responses
  • Family therapy, which enables you to communicate openly with loved ones who want to see you heal
  • Group therapy as a way to enjoy peer support and accountability for sobriety

Now is the Time to Get Help

Don’t wait until First Night 2018 to reach out for help. Today is an excellent day to get the help you need to quit. Discuss the various addiction treatment programs with Spring Gardens Recovery intake specialists. Call (866) 244-9556 today.

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