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Drug Rehab Ethics in Florida


You may have heard through the news that several treatment centers and drug rehab in Florida have been found to be unethical. This can be discouraging to those in need of treatment services. Certainly, some treatment centers have ethics and integrity, but how can you tell? Who can you trust?

If you are a family member, friend, or loved one of someone suffering from addiction, you want the best for them.  This includes helping them find an ethical addiction treatment center that is focused on the well-being and recovery of their clients.

How are Some Treatment Centers in Florida Unethical?

There are a several ways some alcohol and drug rehabs turn out to be “shady.” Many are guilty of what the industry calls client brokering—where a client is asked to enter a treatment facility and receive a monetary kickback. This can happen when an employee of the facility solicits a client to enter their treatment center.

Additionally, there are several treatment centers that will seek out brokers in order to fraudulently admit clients to alcohol and drug rehabs on the promise that they can get money or gifts for doing so. In turn, the rehabs pay the brokers a kickback while the treatment center makes money off the back of the client. Due to drug and alcohol rehabs get paid by insurance companies for each individual in treatment, client brokering has become a huge multi-million dollar scam against insurance companies.

Another unethical way that some addiction treatment centers function is through falsely advertising services provided on their website or advertisements. For example, some rehabs and treatment centers may offer a form of treatment called dialectical behavior therapy or DBT , which is an evidence-based intervention that mental health professionals in substance abuse treatment use.  Unfortunately, upon arriving at the facility, a client may find that the company does not offer this intervention or there is not a current qualified staff member to conduct a session.

Another ethical issue found in some treatment centers is that their staff is comprised of unlicensed, uncertified staff, or active using staff. Due to the challenging nature of working in the field of addiction, some professionals find it difficult to stay sober themselves. Some staff may even use on the job, which will create chaos and provide a unsafe environment for clients.

The horrible truth of the matter is that these issues do exist. The very unfortunate issue is that these unethical operations often put a tarnished name on the treatment and stop people from seeking out help they need.

How Can I Tell if a Treatment Center is Ethical?

If you are unable to meet the staff in person or tour the rehab facility, it is best to call and ask certain questions of admissions.  In doing this, you will get a general idea of whether or not a treatment center is looking out for your best interests.  Some questions to ask might be:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can I speak directly with the clinical director?
  • Are your staff trained?
  • Let’s go over the services you list on your website- can you tell me if you still offer them?
  • Are there security cameras at the facility?
  • Do you have testimonials?
  • What is your aftercare treatment like?
  • Do you offer family sessions?
  • Has anyone ever overdosed on the property?
  • Has the facility ever been a part of a legal proceeding?

How Spring Gardens Recovery Differs

The very essence of our practice at Spring Gardens Recovery is focused on ethics and integrity. We pride ourselves on offering all services and treatments we advertise on our website. Our staff is comprised of highly trained professionals, who facilitate individual, group, and ancillary sessions with mindfulness and spiritual centering.

It is unfortunate that treatment centers in Florida have received a bad reputation because of a few “bad apples.” However, at Spring Gardens Recovery, we are focused on helping those who want to recover from addiction in a spiritual, mindful, and ethical setting.

We are available 24/7 for any questions about our program, what a typical week looks like, our amenities, or any other general inquiries. We invite individuals and families to tour our beautiful facility and meet our staff.

If you are seeking treatment yourself, we understand that this can be overwhelming. If possible, have someone you trust call the rehab, so they may help you make a decision for the most appropriate treatment facility.

Please call us at  (866) 244-9556. We are here to help.

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