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Who Needs Drug and Alcohol Detox?

evidence that you need drug and alcohol detox

Are you physically dependent on a drug and don’t know how to stop? Reaching out for professional treatment center south florida can feel intimidating.
However, with the care of a proper drug and alcohol detox center, recovery is more than possible. Whether it’s taking painkillers, injecting heroin, or snorting cocaine, a drug and alcohol detox treatment through expert medical care is highly recommended.

What Happens in Detox?

Signs You May Need Drug and Alcohol DetoxThe goal of detox services is to end the physical dependence on a substance. Doing so enables you to undergo rehab, where you receive treatment for the psychological component of the addiction. A typical drug and alcohol detox program last between seven and 10 days.

You may have a difficult time envisioning recovery in a brief timeframe. However, it’s possible with the guidance of a supportive medical staff at a detox center. This way, your body safely overcomes its craving for drugs and alcohol through detoxification. So, what are your options?

Why You Should Avoid a Hospital Setting for Detox

Some individuals inquire a hospital setting for detox when coping with substance abuse. Although it seems that the presence of medical doctors creates a safe environment, the overall configuration can be unpleasant. For beginners, most hospital staffs just don’t have the proper addiction treatment training like a proven detox center. Lastly, hospitals require patients to attend dreadful, mandatory 12 Step meetings.

Benefits of Drug Detox Programs

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we provide clients with a more tranquil and open setting. Also, we refuse to put our clients through mental health wards and restrictions. Instead, our drug detox center, located in Tampa, Florida, deliver clients with a unique approach to recovery, which includes addiction therapies like:

  • Amino Acid and impediment IV infusions to ensure a pain-free and safe experience
  • Medically supervised sauna therapy to shed the toxins
  • Guide you through your next step of recovery by finding a rehab facility

Additionally, Spring Garden Recovery provide clients with nutritional meals prepared by our in-house chef. Lastly, our housekeeping services make your stay feel more like a week at a spa than a seven-day visit at a detox center.

A Detox Center Residents Trust

Spring Gardens Recovery provides a secluded setting where our elite medical team works tirelessly to maintain confidentiality. Even more, you enjoy tranquility and an opportunity to escape from the triggers and stressors that first caused your addiction. Our remarkable, fully licensed detox staff that provides the most excellent care throughout the recovery process is the reason we’re known as one of the best Tampa detox facilities.

The drug detox Tampa, FL residents deserve is less than an hour away in Spring Hill, Florida. If you’re struggling, right now, with an addiction and don’t know which way to turn, call us. Our compassionate therapists routinely work with people just like you who want to reach recovery. Call (866) 244-9556 today and schedule an intake interview at our Florida detox center.

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