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What is Synthetic Drug Detox?

Synthetic drug detox provides people addicted to synthetic drugs with a comforting, caring, supportive and secure environment in which to get through withdrawal. Synthetic drugs like meth, ecstasy, bath salts, spice, and fentanyl provide sometimes unpredictable withdrawal symptoms. Due to these symptoms and personal comfort, a licensed detox center is your best choice.

What are synthetic drugs?

The Synthetic Drug Detox Process Many illicit drugs like marijuana come from natural components. In contrast, synthetic drugs consist of human-made chemicals. For example, ecstasy carries chemical structures, which puts you at risk of consuming dangerous toxins. The unregulated manufacturing process also makes every dose different than the one before. However, synthetic drugs continue to increase at a rapid pace. In fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration recently identified over 200 synthetic drugs and more than 90 unique synthetic drug marijuana compounds.

Synthetic drugs include:

  • Spice, K2, synthetic marijuana
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cathinones, known as bath salts
  • Fentanyl
  • LSD
  • Molly, MDMA, ecstasy
  • NBOMe, N-Bomb

These drugs are available as pills, powders, liquids, and herbs. Many people begin using these substances without knowing their addictive, dangerous properties. Some effects caused by using them include vomiting, racing heartbeat, high blood pressure, tremors, hallucinations, seizures, chest pain, extreme paranoia, delusions, violence, and suicidal thoughts and actions. Other effects include dehydration, nausea, chills, teeth clenching, muscle cramping, blurry vision, and heart failure.

The synthetic drug you use one day without problems can kill you the next, depending on its formula. This is why these drugs are so dangerous. Researchers have yet to identify all of the chemicals in popular synthetic drugs. We know little of the full extent of how others affect individuals, such as spice.

Understanding When You Need Synthetic Drug Detox

Being physically dependent on synthetic drugs indicates a need for medical detox. For example, individuals become ill without the drug, which is a sign of addiction or physical dependence. At this point, your best choice for a comfortable, safe withdrawal is synthetic drug detox with a licensed medical staff.

Medically supervised detox provides comfort and security in an inpatient detox program. In synthetic drug detox, licensed professionals provide 24/7 monitoring of your health. This staff watches your vital signs and provides well-balanced nutrition and hydration. Your supportive professionals guide you through your detox, so you know what to expect and never feel alone.

Synthetic drug detox is unpredictable because of drug’s chemical formula. More factors affecting your detox include dosage, length of drug use, level of dependence, and personal health. In a medically supervised synthetic drug detox, your chances of a full recovery increase compared to a home detox process.

You will experience a variety of symptoms in drug detox. These include paranoia, insomnia, shaking, depression, cravings, and anxiety. However, long-term use of synthetic drugs can alter the way your brain operates by hindering essential brain functions like behavior, learning, and judgment.

However, an inpatient detox program provides medications under medical supervision to soothe severe withdrawal and prevent relapse.

Learn About Our Florida Rehab Center

At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, we provide unique detox services to help individuals conquer their synthetic drug addiction. Our drug rehab center delivers clients with a tranquil and peaceful environment with 4.5 acres of land, allowing you to enjoy beautiful Florida outdoors.

Our amenities and addiction therapies include:

  • Individual and group therapies for healing of mind, body, and soul
  • Fully licensed medical staff
  • Medically supervised sauna therapy
  • Amino acid and pediment IV infusions
  • Yoga therapy and meditation therapy with a registered Shaman

Your lasting recovery from drugs relies on the proper synthetic drug detox and addiction treatment center. Call Spring Gardens Recovery now at (866) 244-9556 for the comfort and care you need to put synthetic drug addiction behind you.

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