Smiling man at addiction treatment centerThose with a substance abuse problem often avoid getting help because they are uncomfortable with the idea of detox. Others claim they do not need it, and that they can beat their problem by themselves. Both of these notions are not only faulty but dangerous. Medically supervised detox at a reputable addiction treatment center florida is crucial and here’s why.

Purpose of Detox

After repeated use, your body develops a dependency on the substance. When this happens, you are virtually unable to function without taking the drug. You’ll continue being unable to operate until your body has reprogrammed itself. For that to occur, every trace of the drug must leave your system.

Eliminating drugs from your body is a daunting task that many are just not up to. There are serious mental and physical complications that can make it difficult if not impossible. Many of these side effects are even life-threatening, making direct medical supervision essential.

During detox, we monitor you for signs of severe withdrawal symptoms. That way, we can provide any medical treatment needed to prevent coma, tremors, or even death. Our staff can even provide medication to help you better manage some of your minor symptoms such as fever, nausea, and chills.

Excuses for Avoiding Detox

Many people visit an addiction treatment center without going through detox first. Some claim they have work or family obligations and need to get in and out of rehab quickly. These individuals believe detox would only lengthen their addiction recovery, so skipping it is justified.

Others cite financial concerns as their primary motive. What they fail to account for is the cost of a drug addiction and potential relapse. Relapse is highly likely when people do not follow the right steps.

Still others believe they can quit drugs cold turkey. It’s only after they suffer from serious withdrawal symptoms that they realize the task is harder than they realize. By then, many will give in and start using again and put their treatment on the back burner again.

Many in society view addiction as a form of weakness. As such, the thought of asking for help makes some people afraid. These individuals think that entering detox indicates they are not “strong enough” to stop using drugs on their own. This is one myth out there that has no basis and is, in fact, very dangerous.

Reasons to Seek Detox

There’s no reason to dread detox, especially at a luxury facility where your comfort and serenity are number one. Most patients spend between seven and ten days at our addiction treatment center completing detox. These individuals are amazed at how much progress they achieve in such a short amount of time.

Successful medical detox provides the foundation for more intense rehab. When you are free from cravings and negative side effects, you can focus on getting better. Your overall health will also improve, leaving you with fewer medical concerns to worry about.

The first few days without taking drugs are the hardest. During this time, you’ll face temptation numerous times. In our controlled, pleasing and comfortable environment, you won’t have access to drugs and can, therefore, ward off temptation much more easily.

Addiction Treatment Center Programs

The staff at Spring Gardens Recovery provide a holistic approach to detoxification. This means they offer programs that enhance the mind, body, and spirit. To make detox more productive, calming and enjoyable, we offer the following:

Many people are naturally apprehensive about beginning detox. Through the years, we’ve found that programs to reduce stress are an essential part of recovery. If you have dreaded the thought of detox because you were afraid of what it might entail, why not give our upscale addiction treatment center a try?

Help from our Addiction Treatment Center

Don’t let a fear of detox stop you from getting help. We’ll guide you through a retreat-like detox that will give you the foundation you need for recovery. Take the first step toward successful drug addiction treatment at Spring Gardens Recovery. Contact us at 866-244-9556 today and you’ll soon be on the road to recovery.