Americans love their pets, with 84 million households having at least one furry, scaled, or feathered resident. When you own a pet, you form a deep relationship with that animal. Your pet responds to you when you need them most, making your bond even more special. At the same time, you hold your pet's well-being as highly important. Pet therapy will help you relax and focus during your treatment.

Why is Pet Therapy Part of Treatment?

Researchers have long known that animals help us enjoy positive moods and lower stress. This is why some addiction treatment programs include pet therapy in their array of detox services, today. Your pet also brings senses of "home," comfort and consistency to your life when you need those most.

Studies also show that pet therapy works. For many years horses have aided people in recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Equine therapy is now a mainstay of many detox and rehab programs. But personal pets help even more and in different ways than horses.

dog participating in pet therapy

The goal of pet therapy is to help you learn more about yourself. Of course, your pet's ways of reducing stress, depression, and anxiety in your life improves, too. This is particularly true during detox, when you need comfort and suffer symptoms of withdrawal like depression and anxiety.

Having a pet teaches you a lot about yourself. Your pet forms a mirror of cause and effect in your life. If you treat your pet well and act loving, they do the same for you. If you act abusively or neglectfully, they show this in their behavior.

Animals Help Us Heal from Co-Occurring Disorders

Suffering a co-occurring condition of mental illness with addiction is surprisingly common. Whether you suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, trauma or PTSD, these provide only some examples of conditions which pets help. Pets soothe your anxiety and depression, even helping 60 percent of people feel more relaxed and upbeat after interacting with their animal.

Pet therapy also works well because your pet encourages you to socialize, exercise and come out of isolation. They have needs, such as dogs needing walks. Pets used in therapy help you start more natural conversations with others than when you only represent yourself. This builds your self-esteem after an extended period of self-neglect in addiction.

Your pet motivates you to recover. There are many new experiences you can share with your pet in sobriety, so this drives you to focus on recovery even more. With that motivation, you seek the therapies and medications you need for your mental illness. This motivation also brings a higher chance of making the right changes in your life and for better mental health.

Where do I find Pet Therapy?

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida provides a medically supervised detox to end your drug addiction. Led by a medical director renowned for his experience, Spring Gardens Recovery offers a wide range of addiction therapies and services, including a pet-friendly atmosphere for your personal wellness.

Programs of Spring Gardens Recovery include:

All of these services and therapies take place in an upscale environment where you and your pet feel comfortable and safe. Other amenities include private TV, Bluetooth headsets, lounges, beautiful grounds for walks and housekeeping. You also enjoy the services of private chefs, sauna, patio areas and 24/7 support from on-duty technicians.

You can enjoy a better life after recovery from drugs or alcohol. Let Spring Gardens Recovery ensure your most comfortable and safe journey into that recovery. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery now at 866-244-9556 and learn more about pet therapy and our other options.