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Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy first gained popularity thousands of years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine. These treatments help with problems like back pain, headaches, postoperative nausea, and fibromyalgia. But people all over the world also use this technique for substance use disorder recovery.

What is Auricular Therapy?

man and therapist participating in Auricular TherapyAuricular therapy is a type of acupuncture, an alternative medicine treatment that stimulates points on your body using needles. The practice usually focuses on relieving pain or treating specific conditions. Where the practitioner inserts the needles on your body depends on the problem you suffer. In auricular needling, the points for addiction are in your ears.

In the past, rehabs used these Eastern medicine techniques to help people who suffer anxiety, stress, addiction, and trauma. But today’s auricular therapy provides even greater hope in early recovery. Called acudetox or ear pills by some, this technique involves insertion of microneedles into your ear to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Past use indicates that therapy of this form works to help make treatment more comfortable when used along with other addiction therapy. The other therapies include counseling, education, family therapy, group therapy, and medical care. Using this form of Chinese medicine, you experience a more hopeful attitude, cooperative mood, reduced cravings, less anxiety, fewer sleep disturbances, and a lower need for detox medication.

On its own, ear needle therapy will not cure your addiction. But it does help you feel better throughout treatment and into your first days of recovery.

Auricular Ear Seeds

Ear seeds, a form of auricular needling, are gaining attention in addiction treatment programs. Ear seeds work according to the principles of placing needles in your ear for addiction detox relief.

These small seeds of the Vaccaria plant attach to your ear using adhesive tape. You press them a few times each day. In doing so, you stimulate the same ear points used in traditional Chinese medicine for detox symptom relief. You wear the ear seeds for as long as the duration of your medically supervised detox, then remove them after withdrawal symptoms subside.

Whether your treatment uses traditional needles or the plant ear seeds, you notice physical, mental and emotional benefits of the practice. People who stand behind the method note reduced cravings, with some saying they lose their drug cravings, altogether. They feel less anxiety, depression, stress, and other symptoms. At the same time, they notice increased feelings of well-being and calmness.

Auricular Needling in Florida Addiction Treatment

At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, auricular therapy adds to your options for withdrawal symptom relief. Spring Gardens Recovery programs include:

  • Medically supervised residential detox
  • Two-week stabilization program
  • Individual and group therapies
  • 4.5 acres of tranquil, peaceful grounds
  • Registered Shaman-led yoga and meditation
  • Upscale amenities like private TV and professional chefs
  • Massage, sauna and auricular therapy

The prospect of going through withdrawal scares many people. But do not let your fear keep you in addiction. Spring Gardens Recovery provides the medical supervision, IV infusions, medications, support and other services you need for comfortable treatment. You can end your addiction with the right help. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at (866) 244-9556 to learn more about auricular therapy and other methods that can help make treatment easier.

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