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Why You Should Go to Detox Centers Before Addiction Rehab

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There’s no quick-fix cure to addiction. To truly overcome an addiction, you’ll need to participate in a comprehensive recovery program. Although that definitely includes rehab, it also has to begin with detox. Take a look at some of the most important reasons that you should go to detox centers before addiction rehab.

It’s the Safest Way to Get Sober

Therapist Helping Client During Addiction RehabThere are many people who want to overcome addiction as quickly as possible. While that’s an admirable goal, trying to detox on your own can be extremely risky. On your quest for sobriety, take the extra steps at detox to make sure that you achieve recovery with your health intact.

When you stop consuming drugs or alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. These can be mild and similar to having the flu. However, some symptoms can also be severe.

If you struggle with serious dehydration, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, or heart problems while in withdrawal, it’s vital that you can access medical care right away. In a detox center, you’ll have 24/7 medical support available. That means you’ll have resources to ease uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, but more importantly, it means medical monitoring and treatment.

Detox Prepares You Mentally for Addiction Rehab

Rehab can be challenging, even for those dedicated to pursuing recovery. It may include lots of group therapy, difficult individual therapy, or life skills training. All of these things will be far more successful if your withdrawal symptoms aren’t lingering and impacting your mental health.

Withdrawal isn’t just physiological. It can negatively impact your mental health or cause your brain to feel sluggish. Rather than attending rehab with these concerns, it makes far more sense to go into rehab at 100%. Often, that means completing a detox program and then entering into rehab once detoxification is completely finished.

Good Results Come From Participating in the Entire Recovery Process

Very few people go through addiction treatment programs unless they are serious about recovery. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time, effort, and finances. If you’re serious about addiction recovery, then it makes sense to follow the process that can deliver the results desired.

Those who only complete rehab, or who only complete detox, have higher relapse rates than those individuals who complete detox followed by rehab.

Attend Spring Gardens Recovery Before Addiction Rehab

Located in Spring Hill, Florida, Springs Gardens Detox is the ideal place to begin your recovery journey. Starting with detox services lays the groundwork for your comprehensive medical, emotional, and psychological health. Plus, Spring Gardens will go the extra mile to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable throughout detox. This is accomplished with all of the following:

Before attending addiction rehab, make sure that detox is a part of your recovery. At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, you can start on the path to better health. Call (866) 244-9556 to plan for your future of sobriety.

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