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Why Would You Need Heroin Detox?

Why would you need heroin detox

Did you know that pain pills are a gateway drug for heroin addiction? Some people develop a dependency after just one dose. If you’re using and want to quit, you’re probably wondering about a pain-free way to succeed. Why would you need heroin detox to accomplish this, and how does it work?

Heroin Addiction Creates the Ultimate Obsession

It started with the initial euphoric rush. It continued with drifting in and out of consciousness. For a few hours, the drug numbed you. But there’s a hefty price to pay.

Your health suffers. There’s a risk of overdosing. Moreover, your obsession with the drug is costing you life, family, and possibly also a career. It’s time to quit.

Why Would You Need Heroin Detox?

evidence that answers why would you need heroin detoxSome people try to quit on their own. Within the first six hours, they undergo a gamut of withdrawal symptoms. Examples include gastrointestinal upset, muscle cramps, and shaking. They sweat and feel cold all at the same time.

What’s actually happening is that the nervous system is coming back online. Heroin suppressed it in the past. However, the process can be immensely painful. For a large number of individuals, it’s too much to bear.

Relapse is almost inevitable in this setting. You can’t stand the misery any longer and know that the only way to stop it is to use again. But now there’s the added danger of an overdose. That’s why you need heroin detox with medical supervision.

What Does a Medical Detox for Heroin Look Like?

You check into the detox facility and meet with an admissions advisor. After a brief interview, you make yourself comfortable. Therapists will begin monitoring you and design an individualized treatment plan. Possible therapeutic interventions include:

  • Sauna therapy that helps overcome aching muscles
  • Methadone treatment, which assists with pain and cravings
  • Amino acid IV infusions for hydration and nutritional support
  • Holistic care, which may include meditation, yoga, and similar modalities
  • Around-the-clock medical monitoring that allows for immediate pharmacological intervention in cases of pain or discomfort

These detox services take you through the initial six to 12 hours, which start the process. Therapists adjust modalities as needed over the next three days as withdrawal symptoms peak. You remain stable and comfortable. After about five to seven days, the symptoms wane.

Therapists now gradually adjust treatments to reduce medical interventions. The goal’s for you to feel healthy, strong, and able to continue treatment. After about ten days, you’ll have broken the physiological hold that the drug had on you. Most people now go on to rehab.

Avoid a Relapse with Spring Gardens Recovery

The first danger of a relapse comes with the at-home cold turkey drug detox. When someone can’t stand the pain any longer, they start using again. After a medical detox, you still need additional treatment. There’s the psychological addiction that you need to overcome.

When you go through medical detox, you work with experts in the field of addiction therapy. They’ll help you make plans for further care. They can assist you with goal-setting and put you in contact with rehab facilities. Excellent centers also offer additional treatments.

So, why would you need heroin detox? The answer is clear: you want to heal without the unnecessary pain and discomfort. At Spring Gardens, caring therapists want to help you do precisely that. Call (866) 244-9556 today to find out how to get started.

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