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The Pain of Addiction

The Pain of Addiction Drug Detox Center in Florida

Find hope at Spring Gardens Recovery in Florida

For those who are addicted to alcohol, life can be a struggle, day in and day out. When your efforts to hold onto a job and keep your family together become too much, it’s easy to think that there is no hope.

Just remember, it’s always darkest just before the dawn.

For centuries, people who have faced the darkness have found that writing poetry allows them a way to express their inner thoughts and feelings. It takes courage to acknowledge those inner feelings, but with poetry, it is the authenticity of your feelings that gives the written word power.

You don’t have to share your writing with anyone, if you the idea makes you uncomfortable. Just getting in touch with what you are experiencing through writing poetry or journaling can be extremely helpful. Many addicts have found clarity and connection through writing and through reading poetry.

Nelly Barnes’ struggle with addiction began when she was just 13 years old.  Twenty years later, she was still struggling.  In her poem Welcome To HellNelly says, “I wrote “she’s dead”, b/c that’s how I feel. Dead, merely existing…”

Writing is only one possible tool to help you face the challenge of your drug or alcohol addiction detox.  Consistently rated among the most innovative addiction detox centers in Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery in Tampa offers a medically supervised alcohol detox and opiate detox program that is supported by a range of traditional and holistic therapies, including:

Our professional staff will help your mind, your body and your soul begin to heal in an amenity-rich environment that offers privacy in a peaceful retreat from the world.  Providing the highest level of care and comfort while easing the fear and pain associated with a visit to one of Florida’s detox centers is at the heart of our mission at our Tampa detox center.

At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, you will find a caring and committed team of professionals who are ready to welcome you to the light of a new day.  Drug and alcohol addiction detox can be difficult – if you’ve tried to do it on your own, you know just how difficult it can be.

Breaking the grip of addiction without checking into a drug or alcohol detox center can be dangerous. If you have been abusing alcohol or drugs for a long time, it is likely that your body has developed a dependency. Quitting abruptly can lead to health complications, so it’s important that you don’t try it alone.

Medically supervised opiate detox and alcohol addiction detox services, like those offered at Spring Gardens luxury detox center in Florida, is the safest way to complete the drinking or drug addiction detox process. It also offers you the best chance of success.

Brenda Winders was where you or your loved one may be now.  She sought treatment for her addiction in 2002. That’s where she says, “I finally learned the difference between needing recovery, and wanting it.”  As a result of her experience, she wrote an inspirational poem about addiction which she title Sunshine After Rain, which ends with these words:


I said, “God I’m not worth it I feel like a jerk.”
He said, “Suit up and show up its time to go to work”

Now it’s been eight months since I had my last drink
It’s given me time to remember and think

So I am here to tell you in this little rhyme
Life keeps getting better “One day at a time’
So when you think you are going insane
There’s always, ‘Sunshine after the Rain.”


There is a way out of the hell of addiction, and it begins with drug or alcohol addiction detox.  There are many detox centers in Florida, but Spring Gardens Recovery’ Tampa addiction treatment facility is in a class by itself.




Kelly FitzgeraldKelly Fitzgerald is a sober writer based in Southwest Florida who is best known for her personal blog The Adventures of a Sober Señorita. Her work has been published across the web including sites like The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Ravishly, SheKnows, Elite Daily, The Fix, Brit + Co, Addiction Unscripted and AfterPartyMagazine. She is currently writing a memoir.

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