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How Substance Abuse Therapies During Detox Aid Recovery

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Detoxification is the first step in recovery. It helps you to let go of a physiological dependence on a chemical. Examples include alcohol, stimulants, depressants, club drugs, and prescriptions. However, did you know that experiential substance abuse therapies can make a world of difference during your stay?

Medically Supervised Detox Promises a Safe and Pain-Free Experience

Man Benefitting from Substance Abuse Therapies During DetoxWhen you want to overcome any kind of drug addiction, your home is the worst place to be. For starters, paraphernalia and triggers surround you. Next, your dealer knows where you are. Peers who aren’t on board with your resolve to quit are also suddenly visiting.

However, there’s another reason for choosing medically supervised detox services setting at a facility: safety. Depending on the substance you’re dealing with, withdrawal symptoms can run the gamut from dehydration to seizures. Some of these can be life-threatening without immediate medical intervention. In a medically supervised setting, you’ll be much safer.

Then, there’s the experts’ ability to make the process pain-free. While you may feel some discomfort, you shouldn’t have to suffer agonies. This is why the right substance abuse therapies can be valuable assets. They not only make your stay more enjoyable, but they ready you to break the physiological dependence.

Effective Substance Abuse Therapies

Effective addiction therapies assist you with staying comfortable. They also support your decision to quit using and get healthy. Examples include:

  • Short stays of seven to 10 days that easily fit into your calendar
  • Nutritional support by professional chefs who help your body to get stronger and healthier
  • Guided meditation supports the natural release of mood-enhancing serotonin and assists with the ability to enjoy restful sleep
  • Yoga therapy classes help strengthen your core, supports your desire for a healthier you, and offers a coping mechanism for stressors
  • Sauna therapy helps you to sweat out some of the toxins the drugs have deposited in your kidneys
  • Massage therapy loosens your muscles, counteracts stress, and supports relaxation

In addition to these approaches, experts also recommend the use of amino acid IV infusions. These treatments can make a huge difference in the speed with which your body regains equilibrium. Another option is high-dose methadone therapy, which shows a lot of promise with helping people to withdraw from mind-altering drugs.

How to Get Help When You’re Ready to Quit Using

Get the help you need to overcome a drug or alcohol problem today. You don’t have to continue in the vicious cycle that’s costing you your health, well-being, and sanity. Reach out to the friendly therapists at Spring Gardens Recovery for assistance. Dial (866) 244-9556 now to connect with an intake counselor.

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