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Millions of people enroll in rehab each year for help with addiction. Unfortunately, many of these people don’t realize that the true test occurs once treatments ends. After completing a 30 to 90-day program, you will re-enter the real world and become exposed to many challenges and influences. If you want to remain committed to your newfound sobriety, a sober living program could be exactly what you need.

What is Sober Living?

young woman enjoying sober livingSober living is a type of aftercare program that provides graduated rehab clients with extended support to encourage lasting recovery. Its primary goal is to help individuals avoid future relapse and learn to maintain healthy habits. It is an essential part of the recovery process, which can last for years after treatment has ended.

Rehab centers or government agencies offer some sober living programs, and independent owners operate others. The type you choose is your decision, and one isn’t necessarily “better” than the other. In general, the program will provide you with a structured foundation of support, run by an experienced and reliable leader. As with any program, you will have a set of rules to adhere to. You’ll also be required to commit to staying sober.

Usually, the rules of a sober living home are enforced more strictly for new individuals. Once you establish trust between the individual and the home leader, these rules may become laxer. Even so, the individual must be committed to staying sober and must continue to adhere to set curfews and other guidelines.

The exact regimen of your aftercare program will depend on the program you choose. Most of these programs are for individuals to stay short-term, but others provide long-term options. Some examples of aftercare services include sober living arrangements, on-going medical care, and alumni support groups.

Another critical element of aftercare is the opportunity to continue with therapy. Many aftercare programs offer weekly therapy meetings that eventually decline to bi-weekly and monthly sessions. Therapy can be helpful to anyone who is trying to maintain their sobriety, but especially for those suffering from a dual diagnosis of an emotional disorder.

Our Florida Detox and Rehab Can Help You Beat Addiction

Are you ready to be done with being stuck in the cycle of addiction? Are you ready to tackle your sobriety and learn relapse prevention skills that can help you achieve long-term results? If so, Spring Gardens in Spring Hill, Florida, offers excellent recovery and detox services in a safe and therapeutic environment. We can start customizing a treatment plan that is ideal for your needs, based on your history with addiction.

At Spring Gardens, you can receive the comprehensive care that is necessary to turn your life around. Rather than focusing solely on your addiction symptoms, we will treat your addiction from every angle, using an array of techniques. By the time you complete your treatment program, you should feel stronger and more capable of maintaining your sobriety. If you need continuing support, we offer aftercare services that can help you ease back into your life, outside of our rehab facility walls.

In addition to Sober living arrangements, we offer:

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Don’t put off seeking help for your addiction any longer. A combination of programs at Spring Gardens in Spring Hill, Florida, can help put you on the path to real and lasting change. We would like to help you find an ideal treatment plan for your specific needs. To learn more about this chance at a sober future, contact us today by calling (866) 244-9556.

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