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Relapse Prevention


When it comes to addiction, relapse prevention is just as important as proper detox. Without learning about the dangers, people run this risk of relapse as soon as they get out of rehab. However, essential training starts during detox and can put their relapse fears to rest. While it’s impossible to guarantee that someone won’t relapse after treatment, proper training can reduce the odds.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

As the name suggests, relapse prevention is all about preventing relapse. While it sounds simple, this service is vital to long-term sobriety. After someone leaves rehab, they might find themselves in situations that put them at risk of using drugs again. These are situations that they don’t experience during detox and rehab.

Prevention training teaches them how to stay sober. It includes education on how to avoid triggers and relieve stress through engaging activities. Both of these elements are essential in preventing relapse.

Preventing Relapse

man in need of Relapse Prevention helpThe path to learning how to prevent relapse starts during detox. Professional detox centers teach clients about the dangers and how to avoid it. These are topics about which rehab centers continue to educate.

Learning coping skills is the key to any relapse prevention plan. These techniques can help people during and after detox. They typically include how to reduce stress using natural means such as meditation or yoga.

However, coping skills typically benefit people in more ways than one. For example, one of the top reasons why people relapse is because of downtime. When there’s nothing to do, their minds wander. If they struggle with addiction, their thoughts often wander toward drugs.

Many of these coping skills keep people active too, and daily exercise is a prime example. Exercising not only reduces pain and stress but also keeps people engaged.

Preventing relapse also requires an active support group. Detox and rehab centers typically use group therapy to push this idea. This service guides people to form strong bonds and support networks. However, it’s essential for them to join support groups after rehab as well.

Advancements in Relapse Prevention

Some companies have taken battling relapse to another level. Using high-grade equipment, people can gain access to Breathalyzers right in their own homes. The information that these devices read goes into a cloud.

In the past, people only used this technology for workplace compliance and criminal justice. Now, however, experts see how this technology can benefit people who struggle with addiction as well.

Every day, they can upload their results to a cloud where experts can check it from a distance. If they don’t upload that day or, if they don’t upload positive results, experts can get them necessary help quickly. Experts no longer have to wait for them to seek help on their own.

Spring Gardens Wants to Help You Avoid Relapse

When you need detox services that you can count on, turn to Spring Gardens. We’ll closely work with you to develop a plan of action for during and after detox treatment. We believe that preventing relapse starts with reliable detox, so we make it our mission.

At Spring Gardens, we offer a wide range of programs and services. Our goal is to provide something for everyone who needs our help. Our detox center focuses on maintaining a comfortable and tranquil place to undergo detox. A few of the features and services that we offer include:

Don’t let all of your hard work in detox and rehab go to waste because of relapse. Learn more about relapse prevention at Spring Gardens. Call us at (866) 244-9556 for detox help that lasts.

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