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Opiate Addiction and Treatment


Opiate addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Here’s what you should know about it.

What are Opiates?Faceless man with hands on head can't take his opiate addiction any longer

The poppy flower produces a number of alkaloids used in making drugs. Opiates are a class of drugs manufactured from those alkaloids. This class includes many commonly-prescribed pain medications such as morphine and codeine. It also includes heroin and opium.

Opiates differ from opioids, a type of synthetically manufactured drug that mimic opiates. However, both bind to the same opioid receptors in the brain. For this reason, all opiates are classified as opioids even though all opioids are not technically opiates.

How does an Opiate Addiction Occur?

Many people begin taking opiates to relieve pain. When doing so, they find that opiates also release “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Certain chemicals associated with reward and pleasure also increase, creating a high and feelings of euphoria. The psychological effects alone are enough to create an addiction in many cases.

Users will also build a tolerance to opiates the longer they take them. They will then require increasing amounts to achieve the same effects. Before long, individuals are unable to function without opiates in their system. At this point, a person has gone from casual use to a full-blown addiction.

Further complicating matters is the fact that users often deny their problem. They may feel comfortable continuing to use opiates simply because they have a doctor’s prescription. Don’t make excuses for taking prescriptions longer than you need to or in larger amounts. Get help for your opiate addiction by contacting Spring Gardens Recovery.

Signs of an Opiate Addiction

Has your loved one continued taking opiates, even after experiencing healing? Does he or she visit multiple doctors to obtain more than one prescription? Have you caught someone sneaking another person’s pills or lying about a drug habit? If so, these are signs that the individual needs help.

Detox–The First Step in Treating an Opiate Addiction

To successfully treat your opiate addiction, you will need to undergo detox first. During detox, all harmful substances leave your body, allowing it to “reset” itself. It is at this time you will learn to function normally without the use of opiates.

We highly recommend supervised medical detox over self-detox or quitting cold-turkey. You simply do not have the resources available to help you deal with the intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms that follow. You might even face life-threatening complications if you stop very suddenly. Don’t risk your health and future sobriety, when the help you need is readily available here at Spring Gardens Recovery.

Programs at Spring Gardens Recovery

To assist with opiate detox in a holistic, retreat-like approach, we offer programs such as:

Only when the mind and body are fully relaxed can successful detox take place. As such, we take pride in our grounds, ensuring we can provide you with the environment you need. Inside, you’ll have access to spacious, comfortable living areas that include your own flat screen TV. Outside, our well-landscaped grounds provide the perfect place for you to meditate or focus on getting your life back in order.

Throughout your stay, we’ll surround you with caring, well-trained staff members who will attend to your every need. From our professional chef to our medical personnel, we cover every aspect of your treatment.

Get Help for your Opiate Addiction Today!

An addiction to opiates can overtake your life, but it doesn’t have to. Spring Gardens Recovery addiction treatment programs are designed to help you get sober in luxurious comfort and then teach you how to stay that way. Take the next step and contact us at (866) 244-9556.

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