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National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018

woman who needs to participate in National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018

woman who needs to participate in National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018The approaching end of the year marks the deadliest time on American roads. National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 takes place in December. Since 1981, officials have warned motorists about the dangers of drinking and driving. Have you been listening?

Nobody Plans to Drink and Drive

You typically don’t leave the house in the morning with the goal of drinking after having five or six cocktails. You also didn’t plan to attend the holiday party at work, drinking a few shots, and getting behind the wheel. National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 underscores how easy it is to find yourself in this situation. For some motorists, this last ride results in disaster.

Why National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 is in December

Experts find that there are the most vehicle accidents between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. A large number of these crashes involve alcohol impairment. The problem is two-fold. On the one hand, every festivity seems to include alcohol.

We toast with champagne, have wine with dinner, and finish with a few cocktails after. Next, the first thing you lose is your ability to judge a situation on its merits. This explains why so many people believe that they’re okay to drive and get behind the wheel. Through public service messages, government officials hope to reduce incidents of this drunk driving.

Has Drinking and Driving Become Part of Your Lifestyle?

If you’re struggling with an alcohol use disorder, you most likely drive after drinking quite a bit. The messages of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 may not mean much to you. You’d like to be able to quit drinking, but you don’t think that you can pull it off. In fact, there’s help available right now.

It starts with a brief alcohol detox. You work with a good-quality facility that offers intensive medical supervision. This ensures that you don’t struggle with pain. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the medical emergencies that could arise.

Most program participants finish within seven to ten days. Would you believe that you could overcome a physical addiction in such a short time? Your body will no longer respond with withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, there are no shaking hands in the morning!

Next, you head for alcohol rehab. If you have 30 days, therapists can enroll you in a residential program. It combines modalities that nurture and challenge you. Examples include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that encourages goal-setting and exploration of your reasons for using
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on destructive patterns leading to alcohol abuse
  • Group therapy sessions that introduce the concept of peer accountability
  • Family therapy as a way to shore up support from loved ones for your desired sobriety
  • Mindfulness training as a way to ground yourself in the present, which is vital for moving forward

I Don’t Have Time to Take a Month Off for Rehab

You’re in luck. A few good-quality facilities understand that not everyone can immerse himself or herself into a therapeutic environment. For this reason, they offer a comprehensive detox services setup that helps you through the process quickly. From there, you transition to two-week addiction treatment programs.

This is a stabilization program. It builds on your victories from detox. Addiction specialists pinpoint your precise care needs and put together a highly customized protocol. At the end of two weeks, you’re in a good spot to continue sober living at home.

Why not use National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018 as a springboard for making lasting changes before 2018 ends? Call Spring Gardens Recovery today to learn more about detox, rehab, and stabilization. Call (866) 244-9556 now.

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