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Hospital Detox vs. Private Detox: Which is Better?

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If your drug or alcohol abuse is out of control, the time is now to find a detox center and begin your road to recovery. However, do you opt for a private facility to guide you through detoxification or a hospital detox program?

How a Hospital Detox Works

Is a Hospital Detox the Right Option?Upon checking into hospital detox outpatient treatment, you discuss treatment goals with an intake specialist. Due to an overcrowded setting, hospitals become overbearing and loud.

Once you arrive in the addiction treatment unit, you’ll notice a much quieter environment with many undesirable restrictions including no electronic devices. Next up, attending medical assistants, nursing staff, and doctors will monitor your vitals and administer medications as needed. Prescription drugs typically take the form of oral administrations. This method may delay their effectiveness, which results in mild withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on the hospital, there’s a good chance of required 12-Step meetings. However, you don’t build much camaraderie with other patients. With that in mind, it’s fair assessment that a hospital detox is not a luxury detox.

How a Private Detox Works

Private detoxification facilities intentionally avoid the institutional look and feel of a hospital. At first, a professional medical expert brings you to a private setting to discuss your goals for an effective treatment process. Lastly, a team of experts assembles a proper treatment plan based on your onboarding discussion.

Spring Gardens Recovery center provides clients with a private detox approach that ensures a pain-free process. For this to work, our detox programs deliver clients with a full list of amenities including:

  • Amino acid IV infusions and other types of medicines to extenuate withdrawal symptoms
  • Massage therapy to enhance muscle relaxation and allows toxins to move out of your tissues
  • Guided meditation to practice stress relief
  • Hypnotherapy assists individuals with strengthening their resolution to remain drug-free
  • A brief seven to 10-day stay with access to private TVs, Bluetooth headsets, phones, and Wi-Fi service

A luxury detox of this type is ideally suited to start your road to recovery. It addresses not just your body but also your mind and spirit. Since drug dependence is a multi-faceted condition, healing must take place on these planes as well. By taking this approach, you have better odds of success of a lasting recovery.

What Happens after Detoxification?

Whether you choose a private or hospital detox, it’s wise to continue your treatment with rehab afterward. The hospital staff may provide you with instructions for continued 12 Step meeting attendance. A private detox center includes a discharge coordinator that will gladly assist you in taking the next step in a full recovery with a recommended rehab facility. For this reason, you’ll most likely gravitate to a rehab facility that offers you something similar. Find out more about detox services today by contacting Spring Gardens Recovery, rather than a hospital detox. To begin your journey to a full recovery, call at (866) 244-9556.

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Kelly Fitzgerald Kelly Fitzgerald is a sober writer based in Southwest Florida who is best known for her personal blog The Adventures of a Sober Señorita. Her work has been published across the web including sites like The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Ravishly, SheKnows, Elite Daily, The Fix, Brit + Co, Addiction Unscripted and AfterPartyMagazine. She is currently writing a memoir.

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