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Why You Shouldn’t Go Straight to Florida Rehab Centers

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Many Florida rehab centers try to persuade those suffering with addictions to sign up for help. There’s no doubt that getting help with a substance abuse problem is crucial for recovery. However, many of these facilities lack the resources to help those in early recovery. Here’s why you shouldn’t enter one of these rehab centers until you’ve made it through detox.

You’re Overwhelmed, You Need Help, and You Need It Now!

Woman Asking Medical Professionals about Florida Rehab CentersTherapists at Florida rehab centers know that it can be highly overwhelming to begin recovery. While they may genuinely want to help you, they’re not always set up to deal with a severe drug abuse problem. If you’re struggling with multiple addictions, they may be out of their element.

A detox-only facility is the best place to start your recovery. Intake counselors understand that you need help and start you on a therapeutic regimen right away. By asking the right questions, these experts open up availability to detox services. They can break a physiological dependence in seven to 10 days.

How a Dedicated Detox Facility Differentiates Itself from Florida Rehab Centers

Therapists specialize in medically supervised detoxification. They routinely work with people just like you who want to quit using drugs or alcohol. They’re not trying to provide you with detox and psychotherapy at the same time. In early recovery, you’re not ready for this just yet.

Instead, you need to overcome the physical dependence that overwhelms you and dictates your every thought. Therapists do so by employing addiction therapies that include:

  • Medical monitoring of your progress to ensure a pain-free setting and physiological safety
  • High-dose methadone treatments if needed to help you deal with cravings that threaten to derail your attempt at quitting drug use
  • Medically supervised sauna therapy that encourages the release of toxins your kidneys may be storing
  • Massage therapy assists with muscle relaxation and pain reduction of the treatment process
  • Guided meditation and yoga therapy classes that provide stress reduction techniques that help participants to control triggers leading to drug use

Other approaches might include hypnotherapy and amino acid IV treatments. These therapies help with goal setting and the body’s ability to regain equilibrium. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this much attention to detail in a standard rehab facility. Not surprisingly, it makes sense to start sobriety with detox in Florida before heading to rehab.

Take the First Step on the Road to Recovery

When you’re ready to stop using, it’s time to talk to detoxification experts. Within a short week to 10 days, you’ll think more clearly and can make your plans for rehab. By overcoming the physiological dependence, you’ll feel a boost of confidence that you can now also tackle the psychological addiction.

Connect with the friendly experts at Spring Gardens Recovery today to learn more. In fact, an intake counselor can help you right now. You don’t have to suffer and struggle with an addiction any longer. Call (866) 244-9556 now and make positive changes in your life.

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