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Does Tiger Woods Need Drug Rehab?

Tiger Woods Arrested blog article

No one is safe from the possibility of developing a drug addiction, including famous celebrities. After a recent run-in with the police, people are now asking, “Does Tiger Woods need drug rehab?” Authorities took Woods into custody on May 29 on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).

Tiger Woods Taken Into Police Custody

Does Tiger Woods Need Drug Rehab?On May 29, police found the pro golfer sleeping in his car with fresh damage to the driver’s side. In the police report, authorities stated that they had to wake him. The reporting officer also said that the brake lights were on, with the right blinker was still flashing.

Both driver side tires were flat, according to the report. Combined with the damage on the driver’s side of the car, it was clear that he had hit something. Woods took an alcohol breathalyzer test and passed after blowing a .00.

However, Woods failed his field sobriety test. The officers said that he was sleepy and sluggish. They also said that he had extremely slow and slurred speech. After failing the sobriety test, the officers determined that Woods was under the influence of drugs.

While talking to police, Woods said that he didn’t know where he was. He also said that he takes, “several prescription medications.”

Does Tiger Woods Need Drug Rehab?

So, does Tiger Woods need drug rehab? Let’s start with the fact that he said his DUI arrest was the result of an unexpected reaction to his prescription pills. This statement alone is enough to throw up red flags. People who suffer from addiction often make excuses for their behavior to cover up the problem.

While Woods—as well as the breathalyzer test—made it perfectly clear that alcohol wasn’t involved, he was still driving while taking prescription pills. He said that he didn’t realize that the mix would impact him so strongly.

Prescription pills are highly addictive. Given his recent actions, there’s a possibility that Woods has a prescription pill or opioid addiction. Police took a urine sample from Woods, but authorities haven’t made the results public.

Signs of Drug Abuse

There are a number of signs that someone has a drug abuse problem. One of the most common is the continued use of drugs despite the drugs causing problems. For example, drugs often cause physical and psychological damage to people. Despite the consequences, people who abuse drugs continue to use them.

Based on police reports, Woods may fall into this category. Using prescription pills put his life—and the lives of others on the road—in danger.

Get Help for Prescription Drug Abuse

It’s likely that Woods needs help. Thankfully, people just like him can get help for addiction at a rehab facility. However, before they can enter a rehab center, they need to cleanse their bodies and break their physical dependence with a professional drug detox.

Located in Spring Hill, Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery offers detox services that address a number of substances, including:

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